Arcanum: The Art of Soul Ascension Video
The Art of Soul Ascension
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Arcanum: The Art of Soul Ascension (August 2016)

Season 2, Episode 11
Available worldwide

Depictions of the soul and its transcendence into light have long been artfully displayed, serving as active metaphors to induce the ascension process for those willing to contemplate such works. This is especially true now, as we have access to more ascension teachings than any other civilization in history. William Henry explores artful expressions of soul ascensions as depicted in the U.S. Capitol Dome and the Path of Calm Abiding. What we will find is that these portrayals of apotheosis perfectly match other well-known accounts of resurrection and ascension. This presentation was originally webcast August 11, 2016.

William Henry


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swirwin6, posted on August 22, 2016

William Henry, have you ever visited the Masonic temple dedicated to George Washington in Alexandria, Virginia. This temple is a huge structure! I would be curious what your take is on this large structure? I wouldn't be surprised if this fits in with the masonic layout of Washington DC.

The George Washington Masonic National Memorial:

TamuNgina, posted on August 21, 2016

I enjoy Arcanum. And really appreciate William Henry'so research. Rainbow body and light body and ascension.

However, American founding fathers as ascended..or enlightened?

I can not in good conscience agree. Although that painting my present Washington as an ascended master...

I am hard pressed to think of an ascended master as one who would inflict pain on others...such as the outright genocide, rape and pillage of the igidenous population. And a bit more ironic that they owned slaves. Transatlantic slave trade was atrocious. And Christianity used to indoctrinate the natives and keep the Africans that were brought to the Americas as slaves.

This is no ascension nor light body anything to me and I am sure for any kind, compassionate spiritually advanced person...regarding those who create such pain on other humans. Do unto others as you would have done to you.

I can not gloss over history in that way. It would be an absolute disrespect, dishonor and disgrace of the Ancestors.


jhershierra, posted on August 19, 2016

George Washington's family in England were cousins of Princess Diana Spencer. Washington's ancestors had a manor house near the Spencer Estate ( Althorp) . Lawrence Washington moved to England in the 1500s hoping to make a fortune in the sale of wool. He married a wealthy widow of a friend and immediately took control of all the wealth. Then she dies and he marries another wealthy ' LADY' or royal who was a widow. That is when he inherited Sulgrave Estates- 3500 acres. This gave him access to the SPENCERS who were cousins ( removed a few) and they became friends. Then Business turned really bad for Lawrence Washington and they lost all their money and estate in the 1600s. They were now homeless... so the Spencers.. who were second cousins did not want any ' poor relations' it reflected bad on their lineage so they gave ' Washington a job' on the estate and their family lived in one of the worker cottages. The young children ( girls) worked in Althrop Estate as nannies and helpers to the Spencers. Lawrence was buried on the Althrop Estate. The seal on his tomb has a family crest that resembles our American Flag and it is understood that our nations flag was designed after the Washington family crest.

Later the Washington Family immigrated to America. Where George Washington came into history. The Washington family name goes back to the 12th century. The Spencer estate has some old antique pieces from the Washington Family that they kept from the little cottage the Spencers let them use.



dmcg42, posted on August 16, 2016

What about all the freaking Indians killed to create this country? Was that part of their "soul contract"? That is pretty crazy to me. Why is the USA, in nonstop war virtually since it's inception still considered by New Agers as a bastion of freedom and hope? What a con game. George Washington might have had some spiritual prowess but I doubt he ascended. This is Illuminati symbolism, not the peoples. This is a whitewashing white person lens that so often gets foisted in New Age circles. These folks killed and raped and murdered and had slaves. Felt that war was just. That is Illuminati. Was it necessary to open our eyes? No. Teach us tell us, show us the mysteries you jerks. Don't hide it and say it was for our own good. BS. all of it.

johnny.t1998, posted on August 21, 2016

lmao why call them Indians.. if it was the Americans who had created that name for them.

johnny.t1998, posted on August 21, 2016

then whoever made the decision to start a American Holocaust will pay a price for it , you have enough free will to impose yours on others, though you will pay the price. this is due to you being of free will, also

finkelsand, posted on August 16, 2016

Very interesting material. Thank you. The pronunciation of the Tibetan terms is a bit off. In "shamatha" , the h is not heard except as an aspirated T, so shamata (accent on the first syllable), and shine is pronounced like sheenay with the accent on the second syllable.

Tony Z, posted on August 15, 2016

William, all I can say is Wow! I feel like a child compared to you and the knowledge you bestow upon us. The beauty and grace you present this information with literally has brought me to tears a few times. I would have never been exposed to these things or couldn't possibly begin to understand the meanings of this material if it wasn't for all the work you have done. The Capital building and George Washington insights are just so extraordinary. Thank you!

Now I must go listen to you on

irene_kumlin, posted on August 14, 2016

Wonderful music disturbs...

It's really frustrating with music in the background while listening to such an interesting program. It might be the fact that English isn't my mother tongue, and I guess there is nothing to do about it. I just want to share to the Team, in case there are more than me with the same opinion. Otherwise, the images are so well linked to this exciting story!

swirwin6, posted on August 12, 2016

I whole hardheartedly agree with Williams comment about Gaia being a vast concentration of spiritual knowledge! (16:40) Thank you staff of Gaia!

goskate2004, posted on August 12, 2016

Hi team Gaia, and especially to the man who inspires the Hell, or should I say Heaven out of me, William Henry. I just wanted first off to say thank you so much for all your hard work and making this life altering information so easily understood, because it has helped to change my life for the better in so many ways, and now I feel like a candle that will strive to light a million others, (excuse the bad metaphor, but it really is how I feel when I realize how much truth I am discovering) so I just really, really appreciate it! But I was wondering if you think that maybe the 13 people in the dome of the apotheosis of Washington could also be representing the 13 notes within a octave? I know that sound and vibration are huge factors in all this so I would love if you could answer on that possibility, but I understand if you can't. Also, if that was the case, then maybe the 13 star systems are also just another giant fractalized continuation of the same, "as above, so below" concept? It's just a thought, but it really got me thinking deeply on the connection. Anyways, Keep up the incredible work, and thanks again! -Chad Morris

urdivine2, posted on August 11, 2016

As always a wonderful show you put forth William, these shows are always so enlightening! Beautiful images!
Thank you so much!

jbrand1997, posted on August 11, 2016

Thank you for all the wonderful information. It is truly amazing.

vlmanos, posted on August 11, 2016

Thank you William for put this all together for us. You have made some valuable point s that we need to think about. I am grateful for your show is an eye open as well for the minds eye. It get people thinking . thank you

Paige.K@GAIA, posted on August 11, 2016

Hi Vlmanos,

Thank you so much for your continued support. We really appreciate it!


jeanner, posted on August 11, 2016

I do enjoy and learn from these presentations. I do wish the music to be less prominent!

kirmust13, posted on August 11, 2016

Thank you, William Henry. You are a jewel. Namaste:)

Kerry6, posted on August 11, 2016

It has been written that during the French and Indian was that Pocahontas told his brothers not to waste your arrows on George Washington, he is protected by the Great Spirit. Evidently their arrows would divert around him.

tim.jentes, posted on September 21, 2016

Not sure if any one else has said this but, in the Hebrew there are 72 words for God kabbalah.

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