The Conscious Cleanse: Day 14: Vibrancy Video
Day 14: Vibrancy

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The Conscious Cleanse: Day 14: Vibrancy

Episode 14
Available worldwide

Today in the Cleanse: Your Vibrancy Is Showing
Congratulations! You’ve reached the summit of the Conscious Cleanse Clean Eating and Yoga Challenge! Today we’ll give you tips to keep your radiance alive so you can sustain the positive results you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Today’s Yoga Practice: Celebrate You: Heart Opening Flow
In this lovely heart-opening practice with Jo, we celebrate your transformation. You’ve taken the steps to claim the blessings of health and vitality that are your birthright, and you have the knowledge and resources to move confidently into a radiant future.

✓ Drink a Green Smoothie
✓ Drink Water
X No sugar
X No caffeine or alcohol
X No gluten or soy
X No dairy or eggs
✓ Complete the Wellness Evaluation
✓ Take a vibrancy photo
✓ Find 30 minutes to complete today's yoga practice

✓ You're done with the Conscious Cleanse!
✓ Incorporate what you have learned into your daily life



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