Beyond Belief: Draconian Legacy of the Annunaki with Michael Tellinger Video
Draconian Legacy of the Annunaki with Michael Tellinger
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Beyond Belief: Draconian Legacy of the Annunaki with Michael Tellinger (August 2013)

Season 2, Episode 9
Available worldwide

Artifacts reveal that Earth's first civilization had an advanced understanding of the energy fields that run through the earth. They used this energy to build stone circles and great monuments. They also used their technology to create the social and political structures that would enslave mankind for centuries. Michael Tellinger reveals his research into the Annunaki and explains how we can break free from their draconian legacy in this interview with George Noory originally webcast August 30, 2013.

Michael Tellinger, author, scientist, explorer, has become a real-life Indiana Jones, making groundbreaking discoveries about ancient vanished civilizations at the southern tip of Africa. His continued efforts and analytical scientific approach have produced stunning new evidence that will force us to rethink our origins and rewrite our history books.

George Noory


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Oskar.rodin, posted on October 15, 2016

Awesome work, thanks alot!!
This video should be free for none users, we need to help spread this forward.
Keep it up! :) <3

mariann_szabo, posted on June 30, 2016

Such an important research! His energy and knowledge is amazing. Would love to borrow his brain for a day!

breathpainterswellness, posted on May 18, 2016

Were the Annunakis from the Pleiades??

It is definitely worth noting that the sky correspondences associated with each of the twenty Cherokee daysigns shows the order of importance of these celestial entities associated with each day. And also that the Cherokee days and Mayan and Aztec and other variations of the Mayan twenty day count is near identical with each other. The Mayan day Wind (Breath, Life Force, Ehecatl the Wind god) is Whirlwind in Cherokee, with the astronomical association in the Cherokee count for Whirlwind is the North Star. Thus when you imagine the spinning barrel of stars in the Night it is indeed like a Whirlwind with the North Star as the top.. So the Mayans coming from a time where the North Star region was proven to be a false Heart of Heaven for a more probable Galactic Center by the Hero Twins when One Blowgunner used the Reed to shoot the Bird From the Tree of Life indicates the Cherokee can perhaps tell stories from a time Before the Mayans Creation Story. There are huge indicators of links in each day. I would like to list it all out but this isn't really the place...but, I brought all this up because the of the first few days. ... when Michael said that the Adam's Calendar lines up to Orion's belt
1.Turtle(Dawn, Mother Earth Cradle of Life and Orion's Belt with one star being the Cosmic Egg) "At the beginning of each new Era, it appears with the rising Sun and heralds the Creation of a new World."
2.Whirlwind (North Star and the whirling barrel of stars)
3.Hearth (triangle around Orion Nubula)
4.Seed (Draco) (Matriarchal Corn Mother)
5.Serpent (Serpens)
6.Twins (Castor and Pollux as Chawasee and Chagasee the Cherokee Hero Twins)
7. Deer (Taurus the Stag)
8.Rabbit (Venus as Morning and Evening Star)
9.The River (The Milky Way)
10.Wolf (Sirius and Antares)
11.Raccoon (Algol in Perseus)
12.Rattlesnake Tooth (Rainbows and Raindrops)
13.Reed (Chagasee/Pollux)
14.Panther (Fire Panther Atsila Tlutu'tsi ((Comets, Meteors, Shooting Stars, etc)
15.Eagle (Mars)
16.Owl (Arcturus)
17.Heron (Deneb, Northern Cross/ Tree of Life Cherokee Heron Spirit Bird)
18.Flint (Chawasee/ Castor, Lightning Incarnate)
19.Redbird (Alcyone, Heart of Heaven)
20.Flower (The Sun)

Find the book Cherokee Astrology by Raven Hail to learn more about the Cherokee twenty count

At some point in time the One day shifted. The Quiche twenty count actually starts on Deer(the 6th day), but the days are still in the same order. Keep in mind that there are many variations of the day names and each shows a different level of understanding and stories that go into the deep past.

bomdaniel78, posted on March 31, 2016

this investigator is wrong even if it southafrican, first of all Zecharia Sitchin was a scam, and write nonsense invented history and traductions of the sumerian tablets
in the inner circle of linguist all think the same that Sitchin was a scam, so if tellinger thoughts and base his investigations on sitchin books, he goes the wrong way
first of all the anunnaki were a reptilian race in war with other races of reptilian and human race
the dracos and his ancestors the ciakars or Drakos were one of their enemies and other race from orion the felinehumanoid also were enemies of the anunnaki
beside that the anunnaki were at war with some faccions of the proper anunnaki
3 visibles groups the enlil-anu versus enki and friendly races of enki and marduk own faccion
and to finish i add that the zulu chaman Credo mutwa also said that Telliinger is wrong
I thought tellinger go wrong way

SAFESHIPS, posted on April 8, 2016

and you know this how?

katwomantxstyle73, posted on March 12, 2016

thoroughly enjoy listening to Michael Tellinger share.... very insightful and detailed with powerful ideas and encouragement towards the future in better loving and embracing each other ways!

tisiluca2000, posted on February 7, 2016

at 38:11 in the video, michael mentions an name, mihole edwards (?) in regards to genisis 1:1 in hebrew. Does anyone know what he is talking about and how to get more info on that ? i'v googled mihole, nicole, etc... and came up with nothing, zilch, nada !!! HELP PLZ

mkeller, posted on January 22, 2016

I started watching Michael Tellinger's new series, Hidden Origins, on Gaia and I am so very impressed with the man. He is brilliant, energetic, informative, and spiritual. I loved this interview. Thanks to Gaia and George for this. I hope we see a lot more of Michael.

alohamade808, posted on January 13, 2016

Thank you for your work and your message, Michael. It's uplifting and hopeful. George, you have a great sense of style. :D

lynn19, posted on January 11, 2016

There's lots of tidbits that I missed the first time. I'm so enthused about Michael's new series, Hidden Origens, here on gaia. It is sure to be so very mind expanding as he shares his discoveries from humanity's cradle. From this wonderful arena now comes yet another weekly mind treat from gaia's timely team. I heard that gaia has more viewers than CNN and ardently hope it is so!

Maidenhair, posted on October 3, 2015

TotalTruth when one speaks as Michael Tellinger does regarding his research you sit on the edge of your seat knowing you are embraced with Truth which in all reality were all looking for being we have been enslaved on Planet Earth and we do need to expand our intuitive knowledge beyond so to circulate our future in abundance of Unity globally it shall be done!

davidbensenjnr, posted on September 15, 2015

Absolutely Awesome

dretta-love-wisher, posted on July 9, 2015

So busy talking to others, forgot to say this. You inspire me.

dretta-love-wisher, posted on July 9, 2015

It seems mainstream archeology would be all over South Africa, the temples, to expand “their” claims to more discoveries~~ these are hungry, greedy people, eager to discover anything, anywhere, for a multitude of reasons.

Also, the elongated skulls are at odds with logic: just as computers get smaller yet more efficient and smarter, there would be no reason whatsoever to actually make their brains literally bigger. This, along with the fact that we only use a fraction of our smaller brains, leaves me believing that the elongated skulls were an attempt to manipulate their own DNA, to see if this would increase their IQs. Perhaps it did, but if so, they took the less efficient means of doing so, not to mention the lack of aesthetic allure.

dretta-love-wisher, posted on April 4, 2015

This is one point I tend to disagree with him: From extensive research, I now believe this Earth is a training/learning construct. As such, intervention would invalidate our personal advancements.

We are in physical existence to learn that our energy, which creates our thoughts & actions, also creates all of our experiences. It's important that we understand that we are not at the mercy of events over which we have no control. Our experiences are the offspring of our thoughts & beliefs: when we change them our life changes. There are no exceptions.

In this physical 3~D environment we're learning that our thoughts are energy, & with them we construct the reality that we know. Our reality is a materialization of our thoughts & beliefs. Interactions with others occur, yet none occur that we do not attract to us by our thoughts & beliefs.

Many wonder: "Why are we here?"

We are part of All That Is, we're divine children of what some call “God'. You were never externalized from this loving Source. Because we create our experiences, we share in the creation process, co~creating with The Source, which is continually manifesting with our thoughts & beliefs that spawn our actions. And at the end of this life, what we’ll see is an artwork of choices. All the rest is a carnival of distractions.

Out of supernal love we were given this precious ability to design our own reality: learning to consciously control this gift responsibly & ascend to higher levels of consciousness is the reason we are here.

This is, likewise, the reason we will always be.

~~ Namaste to all the Children of Light: we'll have all eternity in view & forever to play.
•:*¨¨*:• ஜॐ }

mothergrimm22, posted on July 2, 2015

Beautifully said. I, However, also believe that we must pay close attention to everything occurring in the world. We are ending a period or marker of a 26,000 year cycle. We must see how we are all connected in a one for All and All for one sense. This is the lesson to be learned at this time. We are responsible for all of our experiences collectively and individually, but there will be a major separation occurring between those that have chosen to close themselves off from the connectedness. For we must embrace this understanding to "level up" in our holographic existence. It's altruism verses base survival that are the key components of this 3D earth game. This is were we must master our understanding of good vs. evil. We Can Not be conscious creators without this understanding, and Natural Law was put in place so as to not allow anyone that doesn't understand this delicate tapestry of cause and effect to be bestowed with an indelible right to bear the responsibility to be a creator. I believe those that have not mastered this will be stuck in "ground Hog's Day" for another 26,000 years. None of us can escape the consequences of our decisions, and we knew what we were signing up for even if people pretend to forget.


bvb10, posted on October 19, 2014

Thank you for this great interview. Michael T is the best :)

dretta-love-wisher, posted on July 9, 2015

After reading this line above that you wrote, I wondered if you could you give me an everyday, practical example of steps we can take to do this.

lauraburnell2681, posted on October 10, 2014

Absolutely fascinating information! Thank you so much for sharing... wowsa! I've never heard some of this information before...

stusmith, posted on August 21, 2014

Ubuntu reminds me of what Damanhur is doing accept for the fact they still use world currency. Would both of these civilization models unite?

Carolsmith, posted on March 7, 2014

I read the lost world of enki, about 15 years ago and was so believing this was the truth, our planet seems to be a hologram, you see some sides, but not all
Thanks, Michael Tellinger for your research

lunadauhnn, posted on January 4, 2014

I yearn for waking/everyday contact with those beings too...they come every night in dreams and also in meditation and in messages and healing and guidance... But I sure can't wait for us to all be hanging out on the same plane!

THERESAT0, posted on December 2, 2013

Can't get enough of Annunaki and the like - just love it!. I am visiting the U.S. and trying to watch as many Gaiam TV shows that I can't watch in Australia - they are not available to me in Australia for some reason.... I pay the same amount for my subscription as a U.S. or Canadian does, but, I don't have access to ALL the shows - very annoying - and to top this off, I have a huge buffering problem here in the U.S. that I don't have in Australia LOL (streaming in Australia is great - may have something to do with the free wi-fi at my hotel?) - can't seem to win!!!
Regardless of the above, I just want to say I love the many shows offered, be it limited and thank Gaiam TV for being a great alternative for the discerning viewer you attract!

Heather at GaiamTV, posted on December 3, 2013

We completely understand your frustration. When we license rights to a film we try our hardest to negotiate worldwide availability; sometimes we’re successful, other times we’re not. We constantly strive to make our viewing experience a satisfying one to our customers worldwide, and make every effort to do so in each film we license. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you, and hope you will continue to enjoy all of our worldwide-available content – including all of our original programming.

The Gaiam TV Team

Kvasa, posted on November 3, 2013

Love hearing Michael .. Loved this interview. And Thank You George for interview with Micheal and many other beautiful highly evolved souls ..

FIDELC, posted on September 11, 2013

Brilliant program! Inspiring!

cbutler644, posted on September 5, 2013

How is it possible for human to live without food for years? If this true can anyone become a breatherian? This defy everything I have been taught about the human body.

Kat_Starwolf, posted on September 3, 2013

I've read both Tellinger and Sitchin as well as others who write on this subject, so I'm fairly up to date on the theories they've put forth. And for the most part I can see how much of what they say seems to fit...up to a point. However, one of the major stumbling blocks I continue to run into is that -- if it's true that the human form (as in OUR human form) is a common body template throughout the Universe and has been for much longer than even the 250,000 or so years given by Sitchen, et al, for the alleged creation of humanity, how is it that the Annunaki first created homo sapiens and/or homo sapien sapiens some 250,000 to 280,000 or so years ago? There is too much conflicting data here that continues to clash.

So what's the REAL truth?

Still, in my humble opinion, all in all Michael Tellinger seems to be one of the most rational and thorough researchers I've yet come across when it comes to this difficult subject. Kudos to him for all his hard work.


pete_didy, posted on September 3, 2013

Great interview! I have a piece to the puzzle to share and I hope to see more of this author as well as Michael Tellinger. Look up "Mystery of the White Lions" by Linda Tucker. I was shocked to find the book by accident, connects the Sphinx and South African Gold mining etc. A lot of unique information on protecting the White Lions; currently there is around 10 free White Lions and 300 in captivity, all forced inbreeding and hunted in a cage for trophies. If you're into ancient history, spirituality, symbolism, astrology, myths and protecting animals and the White Lions*. Whats behind there recent reappearance and only being from 1 place in all of Africa, I recommend this book. She went to Credo Mutwa for a lot of hints and information and researched to find her answers since the 90's. Its interesting they both mention the same Shaman.I am also looking into Michael Tellingers books as I type. You can always suggest it to your local library as well. I got 1 book from Erich Von that Michael spoke about "The Gold of the Gods". Peace


mindful2me, posted on September 3, 2013

Thanks, just about to purchase on I'm just reading Michaels book Slave species of the gods.

morten, posted on September 1, 2013

Mr Tellinger sure is knowledgeable, but I don`t think his proposal to remove money would reduce slavery. Money is a medium of exchange and is neither good or evil. Mr Tellinger explained that the Annunakis had a ruling class and a slave class long before they introduced money. He explained that they introduced money after the great flood.

Pol Pot did a great job to show us that removing money doesn`t necessarily remove slavery. Cambodia is the only country in the world ever to have abolished money. Pol Pot, the leader of the Khmer Rouge, abolished money, markets, and private property, blowing up the Central Bank to underscore his point. His regime delivered massive slavery, starvation, mass murder and suppression of the people.

Pol Pots experiment clearly shows us that removing money isn`t the solution to end slavery. The state is the rulers tool for enslaving the population. Without the state the rulers become ordinary citizens with far less power to enslave others. The solution to achieve freedom is to abolish the state. This is important to understand. Seeing money as bad is a belief system that doesn`t serve anybody. Removing money creates more problems than it solves. It certainly would remove taxation, but then you wouldn`t have any money to buy stuff with.

shaunybnon, posted on September 3, 2013

I agree with you that money may not be the problem. However, Mr. Tellinger is correct when he says that cooperation instead of competition should be practiced and taught. If cooperation replaces competition then maybe there would be no need for money in an ideal society where everyone works together for the common good. This is not taught. Instead competition keeps us fighting each other for money, resources, fame, etc. Anything to keep us distracted from the truth, and that truth is that unless we wake up, work together, we will continue to squabble amongst ourselves for survival, and progress towards discovering free clean renewable energy, divine/universal truths, etc. will be slowed down or halted all together.

morten, posted on September 8, 2013

I think that everyone should choose for themselves whether or not they want to cooperate or compete with others. Nobody has the right to deny others that choice. Problems arise when people are so fixated on their choice that they want to deny others to choose different. As long as two persons on this planet wants to use money as a medium of exhange, the rest of the human population has no right to interfere with their transaction.

The only real hurdle to a better society on this planet is the lack of a moral compass on the individual level. If people in general had sound ethical values we would't see all these problems. Competition is healthy. What's unhealthy is violation of other peoples rights through fraud, conquest, murder, stealing, monopolies, taxation and slavery. When people accept these actions, then we have a problem. And the problem is not competition or money. We are moving in the right direction though, and hopefully things will change for the better.

Cooperation can be great given the right incentives, but coopertation can also be incredibly unproductive, frustrating and boring. At least I wouldn*t be working very much if I didn*t have the prospect of making any money.

deathrattle2010, posted on August 31, 2013

i love this show your great youve finally made me a fan george your a great host sir ty

ld320602, posted on August 31, 2013

Since I am a new subscriber, I have been blown away by the amount of amazing programs that are on this network. The amount of knowledge that can be learned is beyond anything that I have been exposed to . This show, like all of the "Beyond Belief" shows not only open up your mind to a higher realm , but the shows are so well done, informative and imaginative that they are never boring and I find myself wishing that they were longer lasting than the 1 hour that they are on for.

lifestream6, posted on August 30, 2013

Extremely interesting. Regarding information being lost in "the flood," it has been my understanding from the Cayce material ("Edgar Cayce's Story of the Soul" by W. H. Church) that there were 3 sinkings, as I recall, about 100,000 years ago, 50,000 years ago, and 12,000 years ago. How does Tellinger's information tie in with the Cayce material? I think this would make for a very interesting discussion, perhaps involving David Wilcock.

lynn19, posted on November 29, 2015

You will want to read Graham Hancock's Nov. 2015 released book, "Magicians of the Gods". Not only will the '3 floods' be corroborated in his new research, but the dates will be definitively pushed way back. There is new mainstream comet data that explains how fragments could actually have caused ALL the cataclysms over eons.

wattscallum4, posted on September 22, 2016

How do i disable this bar its covering half the screen and the X button to close it will not work lol. Im using a ps4 to view this. Thanks

wattscallum4, posted on September 22, 2016

How do i disable this bar its covering half the screen and the X button to close it will not work lol. Im using a ps4 to view this. Thanks

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