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Phenomena: Encounters (October 2013)

Episode 2
Available worldwide

Outrageous tales of strange beings abducting humans have reached far and wide. It would be easy to pass off these accounts as mere fantasy if they were not so similar. Though the encounters may be frightening, Regina Meredith offers evidence from two cases, Travis Walton and Kim Carlsberg, suggesting the alien beings may not be malicious, after all in this special presentation originally webcast October 31, 2013.

Regina Meredith
Travis Walton, Kim Carlsberg, Richard Dolan


What is Phenomena? Video
What is Phenomena?
What is Phenomena?
1 minute
Explore the inexplicable with Phenomena, featuring Gaia host Regina Meredith.
Available worldwide
Remote Control Video
Episode 1 Remote Control
Remote Control (October 2013)
Episode 1
, 28 minutes
More than 95% of our reality cannot be seen with our eyes and anyone who gains access to that information would have a serious advantage. However, a secret this big cannot remain hidden for long. Regina Meredith explores the ...
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Encounters Video
Episode 2 Encounters
Encounters (October 2013)
Episode 2
, 30 minutes
Outrageous tales of strange beings abducting humans have reached far and wide. It would be easy to pass off these accounts as mere fantasy if they were not so similar. Regina Meredith offers evidence from two cases, Travis ...
Available worldwide

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garland_eugene, posted on October 3, 2016

Can we please get more videos like this talking about aliens abductions.

thequestess, posted on September 26, 2016

Was it discontinued, or are not all of the episodes available?
This episode talks about upcoming episodes, and yet there aren't any more here....

janegrbovik, posted on August 13, 2016

These series are absolutely consciousness Soul awakening for me. I found out so much more about my own capabilities, again, thank you. Please, More, Please.

quantumjohn, posted on June 21, 2015

give respect , get respect . we can get a lot more than we can share . fear is not a nice way to greet a guest . to not practice prejudice ways is our responsibility to learn for ourselves . we are just energy and it can not be destroyed or created , nothing to worry about . think of energy as a happy to see you dog that missed you when you were away , and it comes to you so happy and is ready to do anything you wish to do , because it wants to do it with you .

shaicat27, posted on June 12, 2015

I enjoyed the shows. I love the way you interview people. You are knowledgable and ask really good questions. Could you give us more shows on the topic of the ascension process we're going through and how it might play out in the US and the cabal?

snanfria, posted on May 13, 2015

more please. :D

art heart, posted on May 4, 2015

More episodes would be nice. –– :D

abuhirra, posted on May 3, 2015

Regina is great.
The background sound effects are really intrusive and irritating as well as worrying? Is somebody playing with our minds with these spooky sounds. I kept losing concentration,

Tulsa_one, posted on May 8, 2015

I completely agree...sensationalism is already present; I'm a certified guild hypnotist, psychic, and healer, and sense the program may wish to somehow dub the program with peaceful higher vibrational frequencies tone - peace & blessings :-).

Shyann1, posted on January 20, 2015

I have to say...this video was really awesome. I love the background, it adds something unique instead of boring set.
But Regina looked really cool ;) Anyway,.. I had missing time, went to bed on Mon night, woke up Wed night. Where
did Tues go ?? I was astounded, that has never happened. I always get up for water, bathroom, every couple hrs.
But I don't remember anything at all. I don't know.. if I would want to know. I think I may have had contact many x's.
To many think otherwise. I wouldn't want to be traumatized by remembering if it happened. Namaste ~

slash_7, posted on February 27, 2014

When are we to be treated to the next episode? I am anxious! 3x

umavri, posted on February 25, 2014

When are we to be treated to the next episode? I am anxious! 2X

Terry.Mack1, posted on November 24, 2013

When are we to be treated to the next episode? I am anxious!

drmljg, posted on November 19, 2013

Thank you Regina Meredith for bringing us this new series "Phenomena". You are knowledgeable in many areas, and this topic needs mature and intelligent people like you to interview and explore these very real human experiences.

loveandgradtitude, posted on November 15, 2013

Did these people ever consider hypnosis?? I have heard that these greys have a negative agenda......they have NO souls! Nigel Kerner has a book about the greys and there soul harvest! They were thought to be demons back in the day. These abductees memories are missing becuz most likely something so terrible & traumatic happened. Now some of there memory is blocked. These greys could be capable of doing some form of trauma based mind control. When humans go threw something that is very traumatic a part of us leaves & its a piece of our soul. That's why Shaman's do things like soul integration! Theses greys were cloned& created by the Reptilians. With a negative service to self agenda. These Reptilians are part of the Illuminati /Vatican/Military...they do horrible things. Watch Arizona wilder in an interview with David has some great interviews in all areas Truth juice with Kerry Cassidy and a interview she dose @ Sedona, Az she talks about the two human paths...One being the Angelic human

heroskiss, posted on November 13, 2013

Totally agree with the music being distracting to the content of what's being said. Love the information though. Where are the rest of the programs? Are you not continuing on with the series? I'm only seeing two.... Last one being October 31.

Kristan, posted on November 12, 2013

Love Regina but ... could this music be any more annoying or LOUDER???? Very distracting. Please reconsider the music. thanks!

Terry.Mack1, posted on November 11, 2013

It seems as if this is going to be a winner! Though some of the effects seem to have come from UFO TV, I feel this is going to be another success for you and us. Regina, you are the perfect host for this material... You know the subject matter cold. I can't wait for more!
... and then there was that strange creature at the end of the show from Jakarta... weird! Just what was that???

slewis, posted on November 11, 2013

I don't understand the discussion and concerns regarding the set, which to me is fabulous. Why should Regina's focus be on presenting in ways that would somehow legitimize the information she brings forth? If you are watching, you should already be open to consider many ideas that may not be fully accepted by your peers so do you need more convincing? I always enjoyed learning from CMN regardless of the set and I can see that Regina continues to share her craft just as well as she has always done. Good work and don't stop.

suzysummit, posted on November 7, 2013

I see others have made the same comments I would have made!
Keep tweaking it folks, we're eager for this project to succeed.
Thanks for bringing the information to us!

danylo.bobyk, posted on November 6, 2013

i love the content and interviews. as constructive critisism, i think the background music i bit much at some part of the video. where its hard to clearly hear the person. eg. the first interview

love the info though!

Ann G, posted on November 6, 2013

Regina is such a knowledgeable, engaging, gracious, and respectful interviewer. She is the perfect choice to host such a show, but I agree that the fake castle background and the harsh lighting during the cutaways with Regina alone generally present the content at a lower level than necessary. Those problems are easy to fix, so please continue to have Regina meet with her interesting guests but with a less "Adams Family" background. She brings a lot of integrity to her interviews with a wide range of unusual guests.

An-eL, posted on November 5, 2013

I like the show, with that said I am not a fan of how you keep switching back and forth with the interviews. Would be much smoother if you guys did one interview and then the let the other begin.

sonmi, posted on November 4, 2013

You just touch the surface. I think it is more common now.

SKANYUH, posted on November 3, 2013

As an indulging audience member and active truth-seeker, I too admit I reveled more in the simplistic beauty of an interview where the credibility and charisma of your character and the cultivating content were the only focused sensationalism. I'm inclined to say the attracted audience to this site neither needs nor desires superficial facade but seeks to fill an exasperating hunger for mind expanding material.

mcbarber, posted on November 3, 2013

I've been watching Regina for about 5 years now; her knowledge, preparation, and sincere approach to alternative subjects has kept me tuned in with an open mind. I'm not sure why you've decided to present her material in a sensational way, but this is not appealing, and far less believable, to me. It's like you're making a joke of the subject matter.

When Regina first made the switch to Gaiam, it was awkward transitioning to the new site, and at double the subscription rate, it was a little annoying. But I gave it a chance, and Open Minds and Healing Matrix soon became part of my weekly routine. I even became a fan of George Noory's Beyond Belief. But it seems you've changed/cut his show back, and cancelled Healing Matrix for the overly sensational Phenomenon. Too bad.

Satsy, posted on November 2, 2013

In my opinion the Halloween set detracts from the credibility of the subject matter. The re-enactments I like.

Brenbesser, posted on November 2, 2013

Regina is amazing. When I used to listen to NPR, my favorite show was Fresh Air with Terry Gross. Regina reminds me of Terry, in that she is genuinely interested in the content and the people she is interviewing, she has researched the material for the episode, and she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that is relevant to the topic being discussed.

I'm ambivalent about the music and green screen effects. It's less objectionalbe than shows like "Ancient Aliens" on the History Channel. One thing that annoys me about "Ancient Aliens" and shows like it are the open ended questions. "Is is possible that aliens once visited Earth before humans ever appeared?" I hope Regina will avoid using that technique again. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to each new episode.

Thank your Regina for your hard work and courage, and thank you GaiamTv for making shows like this available.

WaldorfmamaLJA, posted on November 1, 2013

What was that image that was caught on the security cameras? wow, crazy.
I would love to hear some thoughts and would love to hear more from Regina on the image.

gen, posted on November 1, 2013

Thanks so much for yet more great reporting.

Could you possibly make the music go away or at least make it a lot subtler?

Bless you, Regina.

Peace Love Joy & Harmony,

mariangain, posted on November 1, 2013

Regina, You are a tremendously talented investigative reporter. I agree with the other viewers who feel that the hoaky background sound, and the castle/dungeon setting add a 'hollywood cheese effect' to the information. Does it add to the credibility of the subject matter or detract? Other than those two points, the disclosure of this information is timely.

JaniceBradshaw4, posted on November 1, 2013

I love Regina Meridith! She is my favorite on GaiamTV. She always asks the most insightful questions. I have to agree with the others that I don't like the choppy, jumping around or the castle effects.

bluestar333, posted on October 31, 2013

This episode is stronger than episode one. The mix on the sound is more balanced. I think the new format is something to continue exploring, don't play it safe, keep pushing forward.

Estella.Bustos, posted on January 8, 2014

Regina's new show is excellent...just as it is!!!

Poopsy, posted on October 31, 2013

Regina, I Love you and love the content you're presenting in your new show. But I have to concur with others as far as the style of your new show. The music is too much and the choppy "edgy" editing takes away from people taking your show more seriously. And the Goth look in a castle? really? Never seen you in black before. Why fix something that wasn't broken.

mickialbert, posted on October 31, 2013

I love Regina Meredith's ability to interview people who share information on rather difficult-to-accept subject matter. Her other shows are filmed on serious sets, with no bells or whistles. I feel this adds to the legitimacy of the information. In this show format, the music, choppy jumps from scene to scene, re-enactments; all perhaps youthful modalities, remind me of other shows on mainstream television which leave one feeling hoaxed... I hope Regina interviews these same people on the austere sets so I can continue to send less open, skeptical people towards the truth. I'm sorry Regina, I'm such a big fan, but I know you want our honest feedback....

welderchick.mcgrath419, posted on November 24, 2013


phyllis.fisher14, posted on September 25, 2016

Loved hearing these stories. Awesome insight into others helping and expanding them and us.

bbb5, posted on October 18, 2016

Another one I cant watch. Not available in Uk we should get a discount on membership, for all these shows that are unavailable outside the USA!& :-(

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