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A Goode Trip to the Inner Earth
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Cosmic Disclosure: A Goode Trip to the Inner Earth (January 2016)

Season 3, Episode 2
Available worldwide

Corey Goode recounts the beginning of his most mind-blowing adventure - a good trip to visit the civilizations of the inner earth. Through the eons, various cataclysms forced several different human civilizations into subterranean hollows in order to survive the impending disasters. This cycle has repeated itself several times. This time, seven groups of inner earth human beings have agreed to form a council and address the coming changes to our solar system. This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast January 12, 2015.

David Wilcock


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ArchieAzrel, posted on October 9, 2016

Absolutely astonishing. This stuff is just awesome. Two thumbs up! says Archie and Azrel. Finally, something worth watching and hearing. Lately, average American society has become such a bore but this stuff affects all peoples of planet Earth. Meanwhile, I've been slack on my training but nothing like to get me back in the game to join the Galactic Federation! thanks guys

arlybev, posted on July 3, 2016

Why does Goode not have any photo proof of this stuff? Photos of spaceships, aliens etc.... Oh, I know....not allowed to take pics....Of course... Also, are all these questions/answers spontaneous or preplanned? I think ALL is preplanned...being questions and answers.

seethinglong, posted on June 30, 2016

Every idea has been in the latest movie
1. Blue Avians = Blue Sky
2. Forming of Kuiper belt and Asteroid Belt
3. Inner Earth with caverns, jungles, rivers
4. Inner Earth civilization with antigravity, eternal youth
5. Inner Earth beings inclue the draco
6. Inner Earth contains lots of crystal that some were shot through space into the inner Earth
7. Inner Earth relates to Tibet monk Rama and Yoga
8. The collision asteroids is magnetic and could be alter course through magnetic force
9. UFO has teleport, gravity, laser and portal technologies.
10.Surface animals, birds or insects has relative of similar species within Inner Earth.

I guess next one should be Alien wars include X men of mutant animals, RA from law of one, 6-9 densities beings, Golden triangle head aliens, Ghost and possibly explain how the draco manipulate puppet millitary infustrial complex like Hitler that bring innocent men to wars, alien wars high technology A.I. robotic animals fight against the real animals.

seethinglong, posted on June 30, 2016

meniyka, posted on June 28, 2016

You're the man and the service you are doing for humanity is jaw dropping! Talk about the hero's journey... David you are equally awesome:) Thanks to both of you for sharing all of this wonderful info and to Gaiam.

jim30, posted on June 12, 2016

Much respect to Wilcox and Goode. I actually really like David as a host. Well done I will continue to subscribe.

Crystal Warrior, posted on May 27, 2016

Thank you Sphere Being Alliance and Blue Avians for being wise enough to know that Corey Goode is PERFECT for this job.
He is humble, human and just like the very least of us.
He speaks slowly so that we have time to pause and reflect on this very important information.
I agree with you Sphere Being Alliance, that Corey Goode and David Wilcock are absolutely perfect for this task.
I also implore Corey to perhaps not look to technology so much to help him with his physical issues.
Believe it or not, but God, the source being of all Love is just waiting for you to ask Him for help and guidance, any time, he will always lead you in the RIGHT direction. ♥

zacksweeden, posted on May 2, 2016

Hey what Corey my lack in anything he mentioned, he more than makes up for with calm, rational intelligence, well rounded knowledge, humility, and more balls than many people can muster. We owe him so much for sticking his neck out like he has. Much love to both of you guys!

paulpaige1955, posted on April 13, 2016

Hi If this is supposed to be part of complete disclosure, why is this show not free to everyone. Paying money for the ability to view this show goes against what Corey has been saying is part of the Blue Avian's agenda. Putting it on pay TV does not make it real. You would be better off dumping it on Facebook, or Twitter, or any of the free sites for everyone to watch. FREE Very few people have ever even heard of Gaia or Gaiam? You would also reach a much bigger target audience.
I also would like to say that it seems David that you are always cutting in on Corey and putting in your 2 cents worth. He is the one telling the story, let him tell it. I know you want to confirm what you have said in previous shows or in books wasn't lies you or someone else made up, but that is not the purpose of this show. You will have plenty of time for that later. Anyone who has watched your other shows will know that you said it first. lol
I personally don't think Corey is stringing us along, but my son does, mainly because he thinks you are feeding him with things to say because you keep asking him questions that seem to be leading. Let Corey tell it in his words without interruption. We all have questions we want to ask. It would go along way to proving what he is saying is true if you had some pictures of the Blue guys, or the lunar base, or something. Maybe Raetier ( not sure of spelling) could be a guest, just don't bring the white dracko Royal. Ha Ha. Just a little space humor. Wish the sphere beings would just take care of the new world order, but that's not how they roll. Corey Maybe Gonzales could help you gain access to the Med beds, or ask the Blue Avian's to make it so.

paigerogers45, posted on March 15, 2016

I LOVE these videos, I am 18 and I have been so lost !!! So confused so mislead by media, school and who knows what else, Cosmic Disclosure is making EVERYTHING in my life make total sense, I want more than anything to learn as much as I can about all this, the TRUTH and learn the true potential of LOVE and LIFE. I just recently created a tinychat room, specifically for talking about these topics called Spiritual Evolution, I would LOVE to hear all the different views on life and learn from others, as a child I was ALWAYS in nature, I LOVED nature, so so much, I got mislead in middle school off track and everything started to go wrong, in 2012 I got extremely ill and saw no light I was in complete darkness until just a few months ago, I finally remembered and saw the light I had forgotten, and I want to go back to living the life of love, light, and mystic, Please join my tinychat if you have time, I have been posting links all over gaia, youtube channels, like gaia planetary station and others hoping souls who understand and are conscious will see, I haven't seen anyone on sense I started it, Please I would LOVE to conversate and learn from others, I know so many of you are ahead of where I am now and I would love to talk and learn from other like minded souls, Please join, I am a artist so often times I will draw for very long and leave the site up while I am drawing hoping someone will join so far no one has, I hope someone sees this and joins at the right time.Also I am not PaigeRogers that is my mom. Much LOVE to ALL!!

kkatz2012, posted on September 7, 2016

mwerezak, posted on February 27, 2016

I am curious about the four illustrations of four different species shown in this video. Who drew them?

michal.mocny, posted on March 30, 2016

Probably most of them (if not all of them) are made by Vashta Narada :) you can find this artist on facebook or you can visit

buffalobob5, posted on February 21, 2016

COREY GOODE is the person best equipped to moderate what he has experienced. On the case of inner earth Corey is the best source of information. I think all your viewers wish they were invited but, so far have not. Will we all have the chance, certainly. And probably you will be among the first but visitors must be invited. Patience is a virtue and heaven knows I have little of it. We are all gathered together at this moment to contribute our special gifts to Humanity. David you have paved the way with intelligent discussions and interviews we could not experience without you. YOU opened the gate for many of us. That may be your main gift to us. Corey Goode however has been literally on the front lines. Cannon fodder for Humanity. Corey risks his life every minute so we don't have to. Like most researchers I describe my knowledge as Lyric knowledge. Knowing enough to understand difficult music or esoteric writings. Piled higher and deeper is what PHD's call it. Until any of us actually write the book and show the scar tissue, we are only story tellers. I see Corey carefully weighing his words to reveal what is needed at this time. IMHO you comparing your thoughts or Law of One do not help. Right now Corey Goode has the answers and revelations we want and need. Please we just want to see Corey's story now. :) In Light and Love Bob Snare (aka:Gordonredlake)

waterlinks, posted on January 31, 2016

Why won't any episodes play? Tells me to check back later! what am I paying for?

yves1, posted on January 29, 2016

when did this meeting with the break away civilisations take place?

belka--favorit, posted on January 28, 2016

David, i really like you, but it would be nice if you could stop interrupt Corey with your questions and let him finish his story, cuz it's getting very confusing for me and maybe for others too. It's like sometimes the Corey's story loosing its point.... that' s how it feels to me. Please let Corey finish his story first, and they ask him your question, and THEN let him Finish to answer on your first question, before you'll ask second and third questions. So, for the viewers the story could be whole and complete, rather then confusing and puzzle looking. Thank you very much!

mian78, posted on February 1, 2016


dronemaster11, posted on January 28, 2016

This to re-enforce what corey is talking about, there is a the woodcut from April 14, 1561 from Neuremburg, where thousands saw some kind of battle that occurs over Neuremburg city in those days. It was depicted in the particular wood cut. This is only one kind of reported "battle". Nice correlations.

askblackwell, posted on January 25, 2016

Does Corey believe that a change really will come? Other civilization destroyed themselves. They've attempted to help Earth 2 other times...what makes this time different? It seems like this is our history. I have memories of being on another planet and coming here as "An Experiment" as Corey calls it... and I am thinking it is time to pack up and go home, because I don't see how this time is any different. Human are very destructive and those who aren't seem imprisoned.

analisa12, posted on January 23, 2016

Even though I know it will be awhile before the civilizations will openly unite, do you have any timeline for this that can be safe to reveal? Also, many of us will like to be in first contact with both inner earth people and positive Ets, as soon as possible, so we can help the earth and learn from them, and we have been waiting for a very long time for this. Is there any way to speed this up for those on the surface in small groups who are prepared? Will the governments allow this now or will they try to prevent it? What does the Alliance think about open contact? Oh- Can you also find out more about the connections between Orion and the Great Brotherhood of Light? I understand there were both positive and negative powerful Et groups that came from there to Earth.

I have been reading these books by this author: Aurelia Louise Jones (Author), (whom I met while on trip to California), Revelations of the New Lemuria: TELOS, Vol. 1 & 2, also another book Seven Sacred Flames where they talk in depth about the Grand Experiment and waiting to emerge and reunite with humanity. There are some other books on this topic as well, that I have used as a resource for many years, such as Spalding's Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East. There have been a handful of people who have been in contact with some spiritual emissaries of these inner Earth civilizations, and received extensive teachings. No where in any of these books do these people say they are Gods, or above the humanity of the surface, but that they are elder brothers and sisters here to be of service to help humanity and the Earth awaken and preserve our true history. I believe many of the worlds spiritual traditions have their roots in these ancient teachings. there are many important implications here. I am also assuming that these groups would represent the most positive and peaceful of these groups, which sounds to be who Corey has met. Can you please perhaps outline some of these groups as to their qualities, and distinguish the more peaceful ones away from the ones that may have been in contact with crime syndicates?

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on January 27, 2016

Thank you for posting your question! I'll share this with David and Corey for their upcoming Q&A episode.


tafoyaglass, posted on January 22, 2016

So when is there going to be further disclose of the inner earth? The last Season 3 - Episode 2 convo was a pretty big teaser and I'm biting my nails wanting to know what happened? Can gaia give us a date of when the rest of the "inner earth" will be presented? Ubuntu is awesome but totally out of context to the rest of the inner story. (its a pretty big deal) - thanks

~ Ancy pants Aaron

analisa12, posted on January 22, 2016

Thank you Corey and David for presenting these very real issues that effect our planet and not sugarcoating it.

Many people believe that our thoughts and feelings can change our genetics. I learned some of this in HeartMath, and also Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton speak a lot about this concept. I believe this is the truth too. Also, in my Peace Studies training, a lot is discussed about social and cultural programming and its healing, when people are looking to reduce conflict and violence and heal from it. I believe the physical and genetic makeup of our bodies is entirely secondary to the consciousness. Any concept of genocide, ethnic cleansing or genetic superiority is a cruel, flawed concept both scientifically and spiritually, archaic. We must strive for harmony, equality, compassion and unity through diversity. No one species is better or more deserving than any other.

These same principles would apply to the AI as well, as no form of matter is inherently good or bad, it is what we make it, based on our consciousness. This is what I have been shown. Even in the Matrix movies, there is both good and bad AI, the good AI trying to help free the humans, and the other "Machines" trying to control and eradicate us.

Here is a snapshot from this great scientific article on a website explaining Epigentics theory:
"According to some scientists, changing your health may be as "simple" as changing your thoughts and beliefs.
"Contrary to what many people are being led to believe, a lot of emphasis placed on genes determining human behavior is nothing but theory and doctrine," writes Konstantin Erikseni . "We are free to make decisions that impact our lives and those of others. … Our beliefs can change our biology. We have the power to heal ourselves, increase our feelings of self-worth and improve our emotional state."

Ok- I wanted to add the point that technology also, is neither good nor bad, as it does not make for so-called advanced development in the wrong hands. Without the spiritual, social and moral development and correct motivations to life, a civilization and the individuals therein are very limited. So, in my opinion, many of the indigenous populations of the Earth were more advanced in many ways, even without the technology. I firmly believe no high technology that can cause great harm, should ever be in the hands of anybody who cannot be trusted to use it very wisely. Holding the Earth hostage and the fear mongering that takes place on our planet with weapons and money is unacceptable. We all deserve freedom. In this important time of the cycles ending and new beginnings, I hope the Guardians can help to reset things on a large scale to eradicate these inequities. This is certainly the time to do it.

hotpot, posted on January 21, 2016

There are many reports that ride on the coattails of Snowden. Many people on the 'desperate' side of the internet say all sorts of things and state that Snowden has the documents to prove their statements. He is, unfortunately, being used as a credibility chesspiece in people's personal beliefs.

To date, there is no reason to believe that Snowden has documents on anything other than intelligence services spying on everybody. The general public's reaction to this was a damp squib and the 'awakened' population knew about it all anyway, so his impact was quite minimal.
Corey claims that Snowden has documents to release in a huge 'data dump' to the public that will detail the whole truth about everything of interest to 'the awakened'.

As Snowden has neither referenced nor spoke of such a data dump, I am highly skeptical and suspect that once again, his name is being used as a credibility chesspiece.

I DO, however, hope that I am wrong. I sometimes am. From time to time.

anton.stolyarenko, posted on January 19, 2016

in the last 50 seconds?

"what actually happens to Corey when he gets to that area, and all the amazing things that take place"

Although you shared important information,

it feels like something was cut out??

ctopher927, posted on January 19, 2016

David / Corey, did I miss Season 3 Episode 2B ? It seems you bypassed from last weeks cliff hanger and went into Ubuntu. All are very fascinating an I am wondering if your travels ever include the East Coast although I am sure your very busy. Thank you once again!

CGCW4, posted on January 19, 2016

at 5:45 when Corey says,"major falling out" the audio stops; and requires a page refresh

bala.sacredground, posted on January 19, 2016

A great interview I thoroughly enjoyed. One of Corey's statements stands out for me as a validation of something I have found very disturbing. I'm so grateful to have heard him refer to the concern about weapons penetrating into our earth that is compromising the safety of beings who live there. The consortium called or maybe formerly known as I.O.D.P. (International Ocean Drilling Project) doesn't seem to be a well advertised endeavor. It causes me great concern and I've never noticed any environmental activism around IODP. In my humble opinion, their disturbing agenda is terrifying. They have been at it for many years now and I'm sure the damage it's caused is beyond our capacity to even measure.

I'm super curious if Corey knows anything about this or if David knows anything else about I.O.D.P.'s role in the strategic destruction/assault of inner earth environments. They seem to target highly sensitive areas that may have added to the destabilizing of the Pacific Ring of Fire. Any information would be deeply appreciated.

BFKaye, posted on January 18, 2016

I was not that impressed by this interview. It was going over all the same stuff as before and I was really annoyed at how much David interrupts him on this episode. He could have given so much more had David not continuously interrupted him for trivial stuff. It seemed like in this episode that Corey was having trouble keeping track because he kept interrupting so much. I have watched every episode up until this one and have enjoyed those.... when David said to "watch this next episode it will blow your mind" last time I was expecting some new material. ....not so much. ....maybe you just had an off day David?

liwei.lavie, posted on January 19, 2016

... and I'm totally not impressed the way you are attacking David. When was the last time you interviewed someone? Even if you are right, this tone of yours is so not appropriate. Have you ever heard of constructive criticism?

zentzel, posted on January 18, 2016

good show David and Corey. Always looking forward to you shows. Best wishes...

njcgerard, posted on January 18, 2016

Please tell David to let the man speak!! Every program I watch David interrupts Corey, he does not let him finish his sentence nor stream of thought, that is APPALLING interviewing. The interviewer that is the best is the one that asks a question that allows the speaker to tell all.David does not do that, it is very frustrating to watch and I am considering cancelling my membership because of it.

Speak2TheStars, posted on January 18, 2016

This may be answered in future episodes, but why do the inner Earth people who claim to be the oldest group to naturally develop on Earth wear Saturn emblems instead of some kind of Earth symbol? Have I missed this explanation in past episodes? Some believe that Saturn used to be much closer to the Earth millions of years ago, and the light was much different here because of it. Does that have anything to do with their apparent reverence to a Saturn symbol?

leighross, posted on January 18, 2016

Great information and just listened to the radio show you did - fantastic! I lived with the Hopi indians for a few years and they talked about a time between worlds where they were taken into the earth by some beings to be protected from the cataclysms happening on the earth's surface - the pueblo -- styled buildings Corey talked about inside the earth certainly sounded like some possible confirmation of this :)

miller3884, posted on January 17, 2016

question for Corey
Can you please tell us what new age corruption is? What does the cabal want us to believe about the new age and what is the truth? Since the new age movement and moving into Aquarius and this new dimension are all so similar to each other. New World order is similar to New age and spreading peace.
Confused about what to believe anymore there's just so many timelines and agendas. What is the end goal for the sphere beings?

Chandlersdad, posted on July 5, 2016

Why do you have to believe anything? Can't you just ponder and consider things rather than finding one set of "dogma" to believe?

jsforjb7, posted on January 17, 2016

I love the David Wilcock episodes, however, I feel that David interrupts Corey Goode too much with his questions or comments. I would suggest letting Corey complete his thoughts. I think the audience would feel more informed about what Corey has to offer. Again, great episodes!

oneheartheather, posted on January 17, 2016

I love this video from Simon Parkes, whose message of human self responsibility and uniting together parallels Corey's message of uniting in positive action. Simon briefly mentions Inner Earth, and I agree with the comment below about 'caretaker' and 'being proper steward'. I would say the same responsbility and feedback applies to humans as surface caretakers. Also may Inner Earth and Surface Earth peoples all forgive each other of past choices and fear based survival action. Reconciliation and right relation for us all as we move forward from this now. :) Simon Parkes: The Hobbit, DNA, and Humanity's Choice on youtube -

kathen.cowan, posted on January 17, 2016

Now I know who the people were that I thought of as my real family. They were from inner earth. When I was five, six and seven I lived in Austria. We lived where (and before) the Sound of Music was filmed, in the house and the estate next door for two years. I spent my days eating hazel nuts and in the winter i skated to my heart's content on the large lake. The Schloss Leopoldskron had been turned into an American college overseas after WWII and my parents worked there. But I had another family - I have a memory of climbing a tree that hung out over the water and visiting my other family. I would walk off the end of a branch and be in a space ship where I'd play with my brother. I can still picture the lady who was my mother - she was very tall with long very thin hair.
I am almost 63 now and I miss that family to this day. Watching your video's I wonder why they would 1. visit me then and 2. let me go back to my surface earth family. There have been times when I miss them so much and wish for them to come. And in this last video, Corey finally explained something to me. I have never been like others I know. I am gentle, trusting and empathic. In my old years now I realize I just cannot eat most of the foods here. For years I had sensitivities to everything.
I feel in hearing your videos that I finally have some answers. I don't know what my purpose is here - I often pray for this to be revealed but I long for the day that I once again see my real family. Do other people contact you with these kinds of memories? I would love to meet some one who speaks of this.
As far as the spheres go - I have never seen any. I would love to know the sphere beings.
I have seen space craft and I have heard animals speak. When I was pregnant with my second daughter I was visited by a woman and four men who came across a lake in a vessel as though floating on air. This happened as I slept and they spoke telepathically telling me that I was pregnant (I didn't yet know) and that I would be going through an upheaval. At the time I thought they meant the birth.
Thank you for your videos. When will the next one be out? And Corey, let me know if ever I can be of help.

chantspire, posted on January 18, 2016

Loved your story. It was so beautiful. I, too, have similar feelings. When I was 7 yrs-old I would sit on the porch of our house and wait for the first star to appear. My grandmother told me if I wished on the first star with an open heart that the wish would be granted. I didn't miss a night. It was a childhood ritual than ran to adulthood. I didn't have a family like yours to remember in my mind's eye but I had a deep feeling of loss that permeated me. I positioned myself on the concrete step and waited patiently. When the first star appeared I would ask for "them" to come back and get me. I've no idea why at that age I believed I'd been left behind. Like you, I feel I've never fit into this world.

leighross, posted on January 18, 2016

Thanks for sharing Kathen, I completely understand as I have such grand homesickness for my real family. When I was a young child I would sit on my bed every night looking out into the stars, asking "When are you coming to take me home?" I have so many allergies to food it is ridiculous. I have never fit in to this world but have always had a strong connection to my 'source' and have lived my life through inner guidance. It has taken me around the world doing healing work for people and the planet. I have had incredible visions and experiences in meditative states that correspond to what David and Corey talk about. Every once in a while I am taken into the world with my 'real' family and it is like nourishment to then come back and continue here. It is incredibly hard to be here when you have experienced another way of being. Each time I go there it is like the weight of this world is lifted off - incredible to realize just how much we take on in this existence, and how much it affects us. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I knew the moment it happened I was pregnant and 2 weeks later had an experience where I could feel fireworks going off in the Universe! I could sense contracts were being signed and she would be arriving. I could feel her so strongly around me and never doubted she was infact a girl. At 3 months pregnant she gave me her names. She would always appear to me as a very tall blue being that appeared to be embedded with the most stunning crystals. For the 20 odd years I was travelling doing healing work there was a very strong sense of purpose - that has all changed now - I think partly because things are changing so fast and also because the frequency has changed so much. Just being present in every moment, holding the highest frequency as possible is the most important - following intuition with regards to food and sleep is vital too. I'm sure when we finally consciously shift into our new world we will be surprised at how many family we did have on earth :)

LeftField, posted on January 18, 2016

Kathen your purpose with those qualities may be simply to raise the vibration here for others/the planet. Delores Canon wrote a little about this and Eneila Benz speaks of this as her purpose (see project Avalon interview with her on YouTube). Thanks for sharing your beautiful history. I suspect your family is never truly too far away. I had an NDE when I was very young (and many positive experiences and protection since) and was told I would not be permitted to remember all but a scant imprint of my visit to this other world and this only because I asked if I could remember that I was not allowed to remember and this was permitted. It was love, no judgement, fears insecurity etc, total peace and love, a beautiful experience just from the smidgeon I recollect, such that I know if I remembered it all I could barely stand this world which is comparitive hell. Hence my vibration would be lowered by a depressed longing state. At minimum you have your proof that 'this is not 'all' there is' as many people believe. Such a privilege. Telling your uplifting story as you have done also helps others grow (raise their vibration), and raises their awareness of other possibilities besides work, eat, sleep, so you're already fulfilling your purpose. Again, thanks for sharing!

tifvision, posted on January 17, 2016

Corey, would be great if you would clarify WHY cabal Earth humans turned against Inner Earth folks. In this week's episode, you say that it happened, but not why. You mentioned it was a result of the Draco cutting everyone loose, but it'd be great to know that information if you are aware of WHY SPECIFICALLY they turned on their Inner Earth assistants. :) Thanks! Hope you and your family are recovering from the barrage of stuff that hit y'all all at once, and are healing and regaining your balance nicely. Great episode this week. Thanks so much for all you and your family are putting up with in order to help and get this information out to the public, Hun. I really appreciate y'all! <3 <3 <3

tifvision, posted on January 17, 2016

Corey, why are the Sphere Being Alliance ok with speaking with Inner Earth people who have historically assisted cabal on the surface when they refused to speak with cabal themselves and the Secret Space Program Alliance except through you? Have they changed policy?

hotpot, posted on January 18, 2016

As you have pointed out, it does not make any sense at all within this particular narrative.

tifvision, posted on January 17, 2016

Hey guys, listen.... When it was relayed to those Inner Earth folks that they had not been "proper stewards" me that sounds like they may have been referring to Earth as a planet. Steward has a connotation of caretaker. Agarthans are thought to be care-takers of Earth. What they may be talking about is that they cannot just take care of the inside of the planet because it is connected to the outside of the planet, or surface too. Inner Earth people have allied themselves with cabal who are both physically and energetically hurting and raping our planet. Perhaps that is how the Sphere Being Alliance are trying to assist Inner Earth groups in seeing their connection to the 99 percent of us that are not cabal on the surface because they know that Inner Earth people take their connection with Earth very seriously. So, in that case the Inner Earth groups' alliances with cabal have damaged the Earth. That is a very smart mirror to hold up to them because IF they can recognize their connection with Earth's surface, then they must also confront their connection with those who LIVE on the surface. That may be a way to get them to understand that they have been feeding the wrong wolf on the surface. They should have been helping us (the 99 percent) to care for the Earth and explore other such connections. One of the ways to care for Earth would be to remove those folks who have chained her and abused her, and then help empower the ones who love and uplift her instead. I don't know if that's the case or not, but I'm hoping we will find out sooner rather than later what they meant by that.

Speak2TheStars, posted on January 18, 2016

The inner Earth people and the Sphere Being Alliance should be talking to us 'the 99%' of good surface people who have been lied to and enslaved, who do try to the best of our abilities to be good stewards of the Earth, instead of the cabal people or the Space Alliance. I'm guessing that's why the Sphere Beings insist on Corey's involvement...he's the piece that will enable 'us' regular surface people to come to the table. But still the slow timing and upheaval on the surface caused by the cabal that 'we' are having to endure in the meantime seems unfair. Of course leaving 'us' to be manipulated and controlled by the cabal thousands or millions of years ago does seem like bad stewardship. Just as most of 'us' would not leave an animal or another human to suffer on the side of road, so it seems callous to leave we surface masses to our doom even to this day. Although, on a spiritual level, I suppose those of us who are playing the roles of 'us' right now have chosen to be where we are for some sort of soul learning. Yet still as a surface human...I'm angry about all that has been hidden from 'us,' as I cannot currently see the 'spiritual' purpose to which I might have agreed. I hereby revoke my participation at this level of being kept in the dark and thank Corey and David and the many others for helping bring this hidden information to us.

angelinabutera, posted on January 17, 2016

Lets start a WORLD WIDE meditation for TRUTH! This Valentine's Day (Sunday) at 4:44pm (your local time) help make the world a better place by starting a meditation group near you! For example, you can host it at a park, campground, beach, venue, yoga studio, preferably any public space to help get the word out. Or, you can also join us from the comfort of your home! Tell all your friends about it. ^_^ All you need is a space where you can OOOOOHM together, kumbaya and make more friends and be merry. ^_^ Dress ups / costumes / props are welcomed!! We love you! :v =D
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