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Government Troll Data Center
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Cosmic Disclosure: Government Troll Data Center (March 2016)

Season 4, Episode 4
Available worldwide

Corey Goode explains how disinformation and misinformation are used to maintain secrecy surrounding UFOs and advanced technology. Our society is awash with information continuously streaming into our consciousness from a myriad of sources. As intrepid souls step forward into the fray to disclose secrets, they are met by an onslaught of disinformation agents ready to discredit their whistle blowing and destroy their lives through the digital domains. This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast March 29, 2016.

Subtitles available in English, Deutsche, Português, 中文, Русский, and Español.

David Wilcock


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ba.lazsptm, posted on July 18, 2016

They've hit all my buttons. They turned my friends, neighbors, or anyone who I met or meet or will meet on me. They took away my money and opportunities. They pay people to drive noisy vehicles and blow horns and close cardoors violently and cough and output all kinds of noises all the time around me to overstimulate my nervous system. I haven't slept normally for 3 years. I have aches, pains, discomforts for no reason, and I have sick horroristic dreams in the last 3 years - like never before, they use scalar weapons and mind influencing technologies against me. I virtually haven't talked to anybody for 3 years except of my mother. They have been agressively hacking my electronic devices for 3 years, using them to make all kinds of noises, light flashes, self-poweroff/ons, etc, to acknowledge their constant remote presence in my life. And the list goes on and on.

SpirituallyE27, posted on July 2, 2016

First link is a youtube video that says it outloud in video form. Second paragraph is about the same thing already typed out. Where there are "lines/blanks" in the type out part intend what you want to happen and who you're directing the banishing of the troll energy at. It may not even be a "who" as in a person. It might be a "bot" or some other form of mind controlled A.I. Either way, negative troll energy can be stopped and banished with the right, powerful, and affirmative decrees. Speak it out loud. Speak it in front of the mirror. Speak it to the Sun. Speak it to the moon. Speak and Affirm it to ALL the Earth. You "I AM Presence" (Higher Sovereign Self) is very powerful and more all knowing than the individual you on the 3D plane.

Below the type out version is more soul contract revocations. Especially for the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. I've noticed and experienced the life affirming miracles of both invocations/decrees\mantras as well as revocations, psychic protection, and intentions to stop, prevent, and end all kinds of negativity. It really works. As long as you believe in yourself and the healing process that Great Spirit will empower you fully and guide you courageously. Namaste! Blessing from your Fellow "Worker in the Light" ~Eric~ *"E"*

*Removal of troll energy*

Removal of troll energy, dealing with drama manifestors or situations where the I AM presence is dragged into the high density drama of others false light agenda of self-delusion I am in the ever present moment of now acknowledge the presence of another I am presence in polarity trying to consciously entangle me with their karma, drama or spiritual issues.

I am here to create a proper spiritual court of equity to create a clear separation of densities (<>). I call upon the laws of universal action and reaction to sever all bonds of energetic connection between this I am presence and all other I am presence’s forcing this I am presence into dramatic polarity within the 3d matrix network of unsovereignty. I make this statement to all ancestors in union and communion with the common moral code of equality for all. I can no longer bare the weight of dense false light energy sent my way via false light influenced personalities of individuals who have lost their way of knowingness.

I summon all DNA linage ancestors to hold space for this continued I am action even while I sleep or visit other realms including 3d matrix. I call to the ancestors to create a clear separation of density with in my 1 degree of separation so this “I AM” may transverse the multi verse without the forced drama of others who are unable to heal themselves with the information at hand existing in the 3d matrix world.

I cannot bare the weight of healing an entire species one broken, angry person at a time. There must be a common moral code we all can use. Until this common moral code is universal amongst our people I make these I AM statements to my ancestors in communion and union with unity consciousness expansion and evolution.

Those who have targeted me in this time stream and matrix I put you now on permanent spiritual notice. If your energy violates my I am presence in this matrix or any other matrix network you will be placed in a spiritual court of equity outside of this universe so you may find remedy and resolve without my signature frequency as a teacher for your DNA linage ever again.

I am putting all matrix personalities on notice of spiritual court of equity summons of truth. Bring your petty lies and dictatorial comments to the ancestors they will have infinite time to hear your words and exchange energy while you pontificate on false light philosophy. Let the ancestors teach you at the core of your being what true sovereignty is. I can no longer entangle with you in any way shape or form until you have seen, accepted and integrated the common moral code of unity consciousness in the global dream time of earths mind.

I call to all soul chards of myself and others who have been forcefully entangled consciousness energy via Technology. We now separate all Akashic record frequency from this matrix mainframe. We dismantle all matrix components and sever all ethic connection’s that create a backup system of false Akashic truth.

I break all agreements contract, spiritual torts of retribution and all other forms of false light war consent used during the defense of earth mothers realms. All of these perverted contracts are now sent to the universal central sun auditor for complete and total disentanglement of debt, perceived and unperceived, light body and matrix body on all time lines dimensions galaxies and universe I exist in.

I am my self-unified in this message of separation of densities. I create and manifest my on life equations from my own source connection to great mystery.

From this point forward and backward in all perceptions of time I make this statement a standing energy sine wave of self-truth in my own auric and Akashic frequency for all unsovereign beings to know “I am” is not just words any more. This is my manifestation of self-truth.

___Now I get “I AM” presence serious to those serial false light manifest-ors ______

zach.elkins, posted on August 9, 2016

Thank you.

globalavenger, posted on June 21, 2016

i have not heard any reference to the work of Dolores Cannon. When they were discussing "God Mind" and similar technology and the 'messages' from ET's or whatever, what about the very interesting things coming from clients in the somnambulist level of trance? Can they be influenced by technologies to say and believe lies? There are now thousands of QHHT , Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, therapists getting some amazing information from clients and there are even claims of healing of diseases like cancer and other problems in a single session. This seems to be something the butt-hole cabal would like very much to co-opt and spin into hell. Any thoughts?

david.lodge, posted on August 18, 2016

I'm weary of Dolores Cannon. She states several times in interviews that there are no negative E.T.'s. Not only are there extremely credible sources who say otherwise (for instance the rich research of Tom Montalk of, but I have also had several experiences myself. That alone tells me that something not right is going on with her work. I doubt she is conscious of it, but it's clear to me that there is a hidden agenda which has compromised her work.

Crystal Warrior, posted on June 3, 2016

Government Trolls or any Trolls give me a laugh with how much energy they put into their 'investigations'. Losers with no life, is all I can say :p

david.lodge, posted on August 18, 2016


lovelyritameter, posted on May 22, 2016

I am grateful for this episode. It is important to know that some of these people who act soooooo badly in the comments may not just be the guy down the street sitting in front of his computer. Actually it helps me maintain my faith in humankind to know that this behavior might be some program or person who has an agenda, who is acting on that agenda and doesn't care at all about disclosure, the betterment of humankind, or anything really. I have been noticing for quite some time this phenomenon. The angry naysayer who uses horrible language, makes cutting personal attacks and who seems to have no beliefs about anything. Make no mistake about it... if they are attacking it, then it is probably truer than not. And the more vehement the attack the closer you should look at the information because there is a reason they are trying to divert your attention from it. As Abby Hoffman said, question authority. I say, question EVERYTHING. When they get my back up I just remember, TROLL and sometimes write that in the reply area. If all of us who become aware of this charade did this, maybe they would give up this ridiculous program!!, posted on April 30, 2016

Would you guys take a look at what Dr. Steven Greer has to say about Aliens and give us your opinion on it. He sounds like he is very informed and has actual contact with some highly involved people. Link is here >>

chrismjohnson78, posted on April 17, 2016

You guys are giving disinformation yourselves! Or in this case, a half truth. Yes we are all being watched. Yes we are all being profiled. Yes that data is being looked at. But no, it is not a bunch of psychologists that get together and come up with what you are likely to do in a given scenario. That's a lie! Artificial intelligence is being given this information called Jade 2 last I heard. Jade 2 has been creating a virtual reality and plugging everyone into it like a virtual reality world. The AI is coming up with what you are likely to do in a given scenario, particularly what you are likely to do when you get upset. It's doing this because, when sh* hits the fan and martial law in implemented, they no where to concentrate their efforts to stop riots or whatever. That was all uncovered last year when the Jade Helm military exercise leaked. The military was performing large scale urban warfare exercises on American soil that have never been done before and it drew a lot of attention to the public. They had special ops teams that were aware of the Jade 2 AI and their job was to evade. Then they had regular troops that were completely unaware of the AI and the exercise was for Jade 2 AI to be at the Helm. Hence "Jade Helm". The AI was at the "helm" literally giving verbal orders via radio to the normal troops in an extremely normal human sounding voice technology. So they had no clue it was a computer giving them orders. Their orders were to capture the special ops. All the soldiers were aware that it was all just an exercise but only the special ops guys knew it was an AI. They were in the know because it was important so it could be determined how well this AI could adapt and learn and be able to out smart humans. Even highly trained humans and how well it could use humans as it's tool to complete a task. This technology has already been used in Iraq and was very successful from what I heard.

The cover story was the military was training here on terrain that was similar to what was needed for Afghanistan and the like. Or something along those lines. Which was a lousy cover and obviously a lie. Somehow a zone color coded map got leaked and it snow balled from there. The map was of the US and the color coding was for coding hostile zones. Or something along those lines. I can't remember how the whole thing leaked out. But when this story leaked it was also talked about how the AI wasn't the only thing being used. There is also a new form of super computer being used by the military, NASA and I believe Google has one too. It's called a quantum computer. I'm not going to go into detail about it because the quantum computer technology is open to the public. They are not trying to hide it. In fact... You can buy your very own quantum computer for a mere $15 million last I checked. A private company called D Wave will sell you one, no problem. Of course the military is going to watch you like a hawk when you do buy one. lol

riverwanderer9, posted on April 28, 2016

Be careful.

According to David Wilcock, people who disagree are "Narcissists, sociopaths, or government hired". I have never been so disgusted with David Wilcock as I have been in recent weeks. Mr. "LAW OF ONE" is instructing people to turn on their neighbors when they hear some one state a different opinion. I can tell you Wilcock won't be ascending unless he A) gets out of LA, and B) surrounds himself with people who aren't so caught up in the illusion they've lost sight of real unity with the source.

lovelyritameter, posted on May 22, 2016

that's not what either of them said. This is about being aware and conscious of the possibility that there are those kind of people out there. No one said anything about having a difference of opinion. I've seen people act really vehemently about statements made, using horrible language and attacking the person personally. Big difference! To deny that there is that kind of negativity being expressed in this reality is to shut your eyes to a whole side of infinite intelligence. Actually, your comments, your resorting to personal attacks and making judgments about him "ascending" or not kind of fit the profile... Riverwanderer9.

23Window, posted on April 26, 2016

A friend worked for that company, he sold an idea to companies, that's all. He even said that someday they will crack the computer code for Quantum Mechanics. Google bit at the chomps with what could be "someday". He said that he had to quit, because they were not selling anything. Of course this was a few years, ago, not sure what they are selling now to stay afloat.

paulpaige1955, posted on April 14, 2016

Never have believed what the government had to say about any of this stuff, or Nasa, they both are just Puppets for the New World order. AKA The Bad Guys

paulpaige1955, posted on April 14, 2016

I don't see that trolls make any difference, If they don't believe that there is life out there in space well that's there problem. The chances are way greater that there is life than not. To make a quote, can't remember who said it, but " That would be a lot of wasted space" Let the trolls say what they want, it's not going to change my opinion or view on the subject. To think that we Humans are the be all to end all is just either stupidity or a closed mind. I watch the sky all the time, and I had to laugh when I took my dog out just after watching an episode of Cosmic Disclosure, I was looking up at the stars, and saw a light going towards the moon, too fast to be a spy satellite (it was going North to south as spy sats do) too slow for a comet meteor or such, wasn't blinking or flashing lights, but as it got closer to the moon, it faded out. It wasn't the atmosphere blocking it as It faded right in front of a star and I could still see the star clearly. I figured it cloaked or faded when it figured it might be seen by people watching the moon. I always try and find another culprit when I see something in the sky, before I go saying "hey I just saw a UFO " I've seen some strange things in the sky, but this is the first thing I've actually thought was a UFO. No not unidentified, it was a space craft of some kind. Couldn't tell a shape or anything, if it was stopped you would think it was another star in the sky. Saw what appeared to be something akin to the star of Bethlehem one night, and it took me months to figure out it was actually a meteor or asteroid/ comet bouncing off the outer atmosphere, then I watched it go off into space. I was in the country so you could see every thing. But it took months of wondering what was that before I came to the conclusion of a bouncer. It was so bright that it looked like it was a search light from a helicopter hovering overhead. But it wasn't. There was a little sparkle at first like when you first light a sparkler and then boom it was massive, and the boom it was out, and floated off into space. There were about 10 of us who saw it, so it wasn't just me. My Brother is still convinced it was a space craft. lol So back to topic, no troll can change what you believe, just piss you off maybe, but such is life. According to Corey we will all know soon enough if what he is saying is going to happen happens. I hope it is soon, we could use help to get away from the money slave system we are in. I do wonder though how the tech is going to be available to everyone? Are they going to give each household one? will we have to pick it up at the Post Could be a long transition period.

chrismjohnson78, posted on April 17, 2016

That quote was from the movie Contact. lol

marilee1, posted on April 13, 2016

I have been witness to and target of this over the years. Thank you for offering awareness.

hazewhisper, posted on April 12, 2016

I must say I did not expect followers to get so stirred up over this as I myself believed it was common knowledge.

Being aware of the existence of something is not the same as hating it. Yes, there is always a hint of opinions in these episodes but if we're using discretion we can see that the main point of this episode is simply that these paid trollers EXIST and we should we be aware of that.

People with differing opinions exist as well, but this episode is not about those people.

There is nothing wrong with a heated debate/discussion. I advocate it. The point here is that trollers (not people with differing opinions, actual paid trollers) are not trying to have an educated debate with you, they have an ulterior motive to quiet/ridicule the truth secret community as a whole. Thus, it is pointless to debate with someone who isn't actually trying to debate with you.

The hard part is deciding who is a skeptic and who is a troll.

Good luck!

riverwanderer9, posted on April 11, 2016

Hi David. Quoting from your most recent article.. Yeah, I noticed.

"[Yep, trolls, I just did it. BOOM! How do you like me now?]"

LOL... I probably had a smile on my face for an hour this morning. Still smiling.. I have the same sort of sarcasm too in real life, so.. Yeah its cute.

I still think I made some valid points about being careful when it comes to jumping to conclusions on who is and isn't a government troll. How often have we heard high roller politicians use the same term to bully people out of having a voice? Do you see my point? So be careful when telling members to ignore (other-selves) just because some one disagrees with them. Though, you're right about the damage an emotionally charged person can cause to the holistic understanding of a larger group. I'm really looking forward to your next 'season' on Cosmic Disclosure. Hopefully some one who's mind hasn't been messed with so heavily, and some one who doesn't readily admit their own memory has been tampered with and false memories implanted. That would be a bit more comforting/convincing when learning about the the truth regrading the "big picture" out there.

Will be purchasing your new book, of course. Congratulations on climbing the charts to the top and finally having your hard work categorized in REAL science. You deserve it.

Btw, no I am not a government troll. Cue the eye roll.

orianoforum, posted on April 20, 2016

It´s a pity I found out a bit of late who you really are.
You are doing a "fine job" of intrigueing.
Other people will realize that, too.

_sylvia_, posted on April 11, 2016

I have noticed in the past that some websites are blocked and a comodo or similar security message says "this website is unsafe" whereas I know it was safe. Obviously the sites that are targeted are giving information which "they" don't want you to read.

jcornwell, posted on April 6, 2016

How do you tell the difference between being trolled and someone who is a real zealot? Do they work hand in hand or are there just people willing to argue you to a standstill without paying attention to cogent arguments?

I found that getting off social media for a year helpful in governing my emotions.

I disagree that not everyone is the same in real life as on the Internet. I do think that some people are the same in both arenas. It depends on whether or not the person is self-aware and more willing to discuss and debate and not allow things to descend into a cat fight.

riverwanderer9, posted on April 11, 2016

Getting off of social media is an excellent idea... 5+ years for me and counting. It transformed my life in more beautiful ways than I can count.

riverwanderer9, posted on April 5, 2016

Suzanna, you are welcome to send this one over!

Every time you call your neighbor a Troll for having a different point of view, you do a dis-service to yourself and you take a few steps backwards on the vibratory scale of loving potential. The potential to create collaborative bonds - not shackles on thought and discussion that is intended to get down to the bottom of truth (to the best of our distorted abilities here in third density).

Let's do a little homework as to the definition of a negatively oriented spiritual adept. You should know it well David.

Even RA themselves would be ashamed of this video. Or rather, disappointed I should say. Maybe "Concerned" would be the word RA would be looking for here. AHEM, David. Lighten up here.. You are not living the law of one by preaching this Donald Trump sort of attitude. "IF some one disagrees with my videos, then call them a TROLL, throw a tomato in their face, and move on!!!" Are you really now preaching this tune to the masses? Think about this.. And don't try to back peddle it. You are preaching precisely this.

We have two choices as intellectual thinking entities who have infinite potential to love and ascend together. We can either share information and differing view points like civilized and loving neighbors. Or, we can adopt a Donald Trump point of view. Shame and humiliate people, calling them a troll, every time they have something different to say that doesn't match up with the "Political Correctness" of the spiritual information being offered here. The choices is yours (Every one here).

We are friends/sisters/brothers of light here on the GAIA network. The likelihood that any one is here DELIBERATELY hired by a secret agency to spread mis-information is... well.. very unlikely. Though possible. My guess is the government and secret agencies probably relies on the fact that David already looks like a quack, so they don't have to worry about him. You don't exactly see David Wilcock or Corey Goode being invited anywhere by the mainstream media to help enlighten the masses, do you? That's because the masses are effectively being kept dumbed down by porn, poison, vicious politics, and distorted illusions. As long as the masses keep eating their potato chips while playing their PS4's, addicted to porn, shallow Hollywood flicks, trash on the web, and junk, then people like Wilcock will never surface as a hero. If it ever got to that point where Wilcock was actually publicly welcomed (on a mass scale) into spreading disclosure and truth to the world, THEN, and only then would secret agencies begin stepping in to send out their Trolls/foot soldiers to dis-credit him. You have to be a bit more famous than David Wilcock to that get that sort of attention. Until Americans on a collective scale in particular chose light behaviors over dark behaviors, I don't think they'll be sending their trolls out just yet over little GAIA videos talking about RA's Spiritual Wisdom or Corey Goode's wild and crazy stories of intergalactic travel. I'm sorry, but he just isn't considered threatening enough to them (in their eyes any way).

Don't let David's "Troll hate speech" (Clearly inspired from previous video discussions) stop us all from uncovering the truth and having discussions about the information that is being fed to us by Corey. It does not make you a TROLL to question the information and promote cautious dialogue. It is better to use your mind than to sit down with a bag of popcorn and watch these videos as gospel truth.

The key is talking about these subject matters as friends and as people who are loving/concerned enough (for one another's well being) to get down to the bottom of the truth, or at least some lesser distorted form of it. There is nothing wrong with other spiritual adepts/empaths gathering here to share information. It doesn't necessarily mean they were sent here by a secret agency to dis-credit any one.

Seriously, calling any one a Troll for challenging information isn't healthy. What I mean to say is, it is counter-productive to your own spiritual evolution to not see virtue in others. This is exactly what RA would deem : Going down the negative path. At the very point we don't find virtue in other points of view and refuse discussion of such an important topic, we become full of pride/ego and deeper distortions.

We can have these discussions in light without taking each others heads off.

Keep the conversation going every one, I hope people will not withdraw their discussions because of this video. Sadly, it looks like the skeptics have all but left the discussion because Wilcock has shamed them out of having a voice. Every one's thoughts/experiences as unique entities matters when it comes to helping one another uncover the truth. We all come from unique backgrounds. We could be missing out on very important information by shunning any one who comes here with an open heart. Let's keep our minds/hearts open to love and not throw tomatoes in each others faces in the process.

Respond to hate with love; respond to kind disagreements with love. If some one comes to these boards with an open heart and has concern, they have every right to promote a dialogue on it. If the opposing view isn't executed with perfect love, then neutralize the negativity and be the light they are lacking. The very word "TROLL" is hate speech, and a tactic Donald Trump and other politicians use to silence people who don't agree with them. Granted there ARE occurrences where people are hired to pollute pure information such as Wilcock's, it is every one's responsibility to use their best intuition to determine this while not throwing more fuel to the fire. It's quite simple.

riverwanderer9, posted on April 5, 2016


I never said Corey needed therapy. His dedicated followers suggested these interviews are styled like therapy sessions. Sorry you missed that one.. I have used their claims as a point that if they are indeed right (giving them, his followers, the benefit of the doubt), and in the event that 100% of everything he says is true, then he needs to do just that. See a professional in a NON-celebrity NON-public format. This is a great way to further traumatize him since thousands of people out there understand there is something not quite right about all of this. I am not the only one.

Clearly you have not read all my comments, because I have been invested in dozens of strengthening and uplifting conversations with many members here. I am not on and on about my knowledge, but I do think I have something to share in terms of the fact I have been singled out by higher realms and I still to this day do not know why or what's going on. I wish I did know the answers, but all I am left with now is faith in that some one wants me to grow into a role as I learn more and more about my own cosmic history.

Also, a degree doesn't qualify some one for spiritual know how. Sorry to break it to you. I will never judge some one's spiritual adeptness based on whether or not they hold a degree specializing in a chosen human economic system (not spiritual ones). Most of what is taught in college is based on illusions, any way. And yes, I did attend college. My emphasis was environmental studies and botany. No, I didn't finish. I didn't finish because I didn't fit in and was suffering socially for being different. I find that the more you learn according to third density and human cultural standards, the less you know about the truth. I left the city at 25 to embark upon a spiritual journey away from illusions; my awakening has been on going for six years now. Had I not made that decision, I would probably be some hussy trying to uphold a mask desperately trying to fit in and be the cool kid on the block while constantly updating my social media with selfies.

Also, in your attempt to create an Archetype of me, you've miserably failed. It's like watching you describe a stranger. In fact, I had wondered if you were talking about another member. Why wasn't I chosen? Funny how those thoughts have never run across my mind - not once. I have NO desire to be "CHOSEN" by the secret space agency. The very fact I have been to and seen many of the places Corey describes WITHOUT the aid of the secret space agency says volumes to me as some one who is being contacted already, and it proves to me that my contacts in the upper realms are clearly legit. It also proves to me that Corey is obviously A) telling the truth, or B) is in contact with some one with this information. Being contacted for the last five years, there are 100's of places/beings I have visited that I only recently (as in the last 6 months) realized held any weight. Previously I just had to deal with it and had no idea who or what was contacting me or why. I can either bottle it all up and pretend it isn't happening, or I can attempt to share my information with others in hopes it will help better all of our understanding of the truth.

I also NEVER once have stated I didn't believe in ET's. I just saw 20 UFO's outside of my home hovering above the tree lines recently. I have been followed by UFO's since I left the illusion. I live on the coast in Oregon. Do you believe me? Probably not. Ask me if I care? I don't live my life to earn followers or believers. I am alive to share wisdom, information, and love with other seekers/empaths. My greatest hope it to find others who are being contacted such as I am.

I will also take this opportunity again to say I am still searching for "the 50" daughters/sisters who incarnated here between the years of 84-85 (October of 84 through some time into 85 - two groups split up into 25 and 25 during the incarnation process). I have posted about this in the past. If there is any one out there who has been contacted about the 50, I'd like to hear from you. I am still putting the puzzle pieces together and haven't lost hope.

We are not opposites here, we are the same in our seeking. All the light and love to you as well.

nantil28, posted on April 4, 2016

When I go to the website for a new episode, I have been discovering that I have missed an episode and I am behind a week. Now this is Monday night, April 4, and people are commenting on an episode that I thought was produced on March 24, and that I watched tonight at 9 p.m. (Monday, April 4). Are they showing episodes all week long, or what's going on? Is someone meddling with all this information? And can you possibly move that annoying graphic thing with the heart and the bell, so it doesn't obliterate what i am trying to write?

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on April 5, 2016

@NANTIL28, thanks for writing. We are releasing a new episode of Cosmic Disclosure every Tuesday.
The latest episode is always featured on the show page here:

You can't remove the navigation bar on the left side of the page, but if it's obscuring any part of what you're watching/reading, you may want to try using a different browser.

All the best,

nocoastunited, posted on April 4, 2016

Speaking of trolls.... I posted a comment asking where everyone is getting information, from news stories to new science/esoteric, and I cannot find that comment anywhere in the forum nor any replies. Why am I being censored?

23Window, posted on April 7, 2016

No, you are not being censored, Gaia IT cannot set up a forum that works for it's users. There is no bookmark. The notification takes you to the top of the page and you have to scroll through many pages looking for your user name. You'd think with all the subscriptions, and money they are making, at least we'd see some updates to the website.

riverwanderer9, posted on April 5, 2016

I'm actually surprised this video ("Interview") didn't bring on Gaia censoring. Seeing as any one with a differing opinion is now a TROLL according to David Wilcock. I still love the guy, but how very disappointing that he put this junk out. I hate to use the comparison, but this is a worthy analogy - It's like Donald Trump trying to inspire the masses to turn on each other and throw a tomato in any one's face who doesn't agree. Just call them a troll and shame them out of having a voice, that's the ticket!

ca_gal67, posted on April 4, 2016

I just finished watching this video and reading the comments starting from the beginning (as of today, page 3) through to the newest. I remembered your post - it's on page 2. Just do a search for your user name.

bosuntom, posted on April 4, 2016

How can I comment when each week I cannot access the relevant programme. It is only with that I have non-stop problems with access. What am I subscribing monthly for except hassle and frustration.

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on April 4, 2016

We are sorry to hear you're having trouble playing the video! There are many issues that can affect internet video streaming, from your browser to your connection. We recommend checking your computer for updates, and restarting the computer. You may also want to try using a different browser.
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All the best,

vlmanos, posted on April 4, 2016

Thank you for your time in letting others know there are governmental agencies that are out there to hurt people. this I already know but you are helping a lot of people open their eyes to what is really going on. Keep up the great work you are doing. How does someone that has somethings happen get someone. Get to talk to someone about thing they may have happen or find the help they need to understand why they are being targeted? David your shows are some of the best I have seen Please keep up the great work you are doing.

eaglewray, posted on April 3, 2016

I've had a number of experiences related to the documentation or image capture of anomalous beings associated with what I deemed at the time UFOs. Further inspection showing Sasquatch type of beings either directly or indirectly associated with lights appearing under intelligent control has created quite a stir, with video evidence blocked from viewers, or manipulated in such a way to discredit witnesses to these events. Sharing in group forums has exposed me to some underhanded comments coming from questionable members, mostly new recruits, with their motives sticking out like a sore thumb, and the stench of disruption wafting through cyberspace. My computer has been hacked, a Mac, with untold numbers of starts and restarts, from viruses or worms planted, usually right after posting what I deem worthy evidence, only to have my external hard drive stored with much photographic and video evidence wiped clean and hard drive unrecognizable to the laptop. I stopped using my wifi access, going hardwire / ethernet, and reinitializing my hard drive with better virus scan software and a bolstered firewall. In search of truth, you maybe exposing yourself to criminal misconduct, perpetrated, by the same government, sworn to uphold your constitutional rights.

spwarman, posted on April 3, 2016

I have been watching Corey and David through this series from the start. What a joy to finally hear down to the grit details, my burning questions have been answered.
Everything disclosed I have known, I do not know how did I get all this information. In my astral travels try-outs I had seen entities that mingled into my 'awake' life,
making me see through the veils, always questioning and having a WIDE perspective.
Keeping myself 'out of the radar' has been a challenge, when we influence others in a good way we protect ourselves, simply by always being good and fair.
Thank you for doing this, both of you. You give my weird beliefs a strong push forward. We are the ones, onward!

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on April 4, 2016

Thanks for your support of this series on Gaia! Watch for a new episode every Tuesday.

All the best,

seethinglong, posted on April 3, 2016

This explain the physics of food replicators in small amount of energy required.

cedguru, posted on April 3, 2016

This episode explained a lot. I feel kind of stupid for letting the trolls get me so down, but if you don't know, then you just don't know. But I know now, and for that I do thank you. So to be clear, it's the writers that just want to go round and round with negative statements while never advancing a point under discussion that are trolls? I understand differing points of view, and wanting to get ideas clarified and expanded upon. I don't consider that kind of discussion trolling. I consider that merely bantering back and forth while advancing the main topic.

I also understand feeling like an old, comfortable rug (belief) has been jerked out from under me, and struggling to come to terms with it. I've had that happen to me on CD more than once, but I have always come back to ground after doing the hard thinking, and re-listening. We all have the important capacity for critical thinking, and we all have the important job of determining what we will or won't allow to become a part of our cosmic understanding. This Cosmic Disclosure series has challenged me more than anything I've ever thought, read, or heard including Synchronicity Key, but I swear it rings true to me and it is welcome in my understanding.

I don't know how many paid government trolls are on this site, but I'm sure there are some. Other trolls are here because some simply like to stir up trouble. Most of the people are here to learn and share. Of this I am also certain, and I thank them for hanging in and giving help to those of us who need it.

me_osborn, posted on April 3, 2016

I consider this episode regarding government trolls to be the most important of all. That is saying a lot considering all that Corey has disclosed about the secret space program and the inner Earth alliance. This is so important that I transcribed all that was said in this episode and offer it to the world freely.


Government Troll Data Centers
Cosmic Disclosures with Corey Goode
Season 4: Dark Side of Secret Space Programs
Episode 4: Government Troll Data Centers

This information is based upon Corey Goode’s own personal knowledge of setting up government trolls in a virtual data center. Corey was brought in to do virtualization with equipment, training of the operators, and then he moved on. Each work station would have six monitors that could provide access over the internet with IP addresses of various servers that were located in various locations around the world. One person would run the Virtual Meeting Room work station and would pose as a different person on each monitor. These operators are known as On-line trolls who are government agents that seek to share their negative and depraved opinions over the internet.

Troll Objectives
Their goal is to throw you off by triggering you until you loose your calm demeanor so that you can then be criticized for irrational reactions. Many will approach you in a very friendly manner and then turn on you with threatening information and intimidating comments. The data centers are for the targeting of truth-tellers so that they can be reported to higher authorities for persecution. The Snowden disclosures exposed exactly how this is done in order to infiltrate UFO researchers and other groups. Esoteric, UFO forums, and political non-governmental forums are their main targets. Once people are reported up the line, they are put on lists and they become open game to be targeted in many ways via the IRS and other agencies.

Psychological Profiles
The most important thing is to have a psychological profile of the people they contact so that they can get into their heads. With a profile, they are able to manipulate a person’s beliefs and actions by knowing what to look for in a person’s habits, reactions, and interests. This can also be used to cause people with certain caveats to infiltrate and parrot information in order to have them manipulate others.

The profile breaks down a person’s personality into 16 different types with detailed information that describes how the person thinks about specific issues. Those with this information want to know how the person will react as they interact in order to determine how best to target the person. Psychologists are able to determine a profile that will tell what responses will occur in certain scenarios. It tells what scenario will elicit a desired response in the same way that lawyers profile potential jurors.

Troll Tactics
Trolls online in discussion forums are prone to give nasty comments and they never acknowledge when a point is made by the other person. They never change their mind, they are constantly on the attack, and they never get past their own opinions. They feel powerful with the anonymity of the Internet, especially when they do not feel powerful in their own lives. There are narcissists and sociopaths that enjoy being in circular debates that never end.

The operator has over 12 different personalities that have been created online with prior background information. These operators are personality metamorphic types of sociopaths, infiltrators, and good liars. They will troll around looking for information or they are given targets to attack. In internet forums, they will log on as 3 or 4 different user IDs and cause a huge disruption with threats against others. They dispute truthful topics or topics that are considered undesirable with arguments. They accomplish this with fake personalities on different monitors with different identities.

They put out misinformation to cloudy the issues in order to make people have doubts or think that there are inconsistencies. They put out disinformation and bait people into debates that turn into circular debates in order to frustrate them. This causes them to give up and not return because of the many tactics used that manipulate people and play with their minds. They harass and stock certain people online and form alliances with real people in order to also cause problems. They will manipulate people of a certain mind set as well and feed information to other skeptics. This happens to bloggers with good intentions, but with a certain view, who are given false data to use.

Regarding Alien Abductions
Professor John Mack wrote about abductees who had benevolent contacts, spiritual, and prophetic experiences. Some of the cases that he wrote about have been disputed by others that say these were actually terrifying negative events. They say that abductions are only negative events where people are taken, genetic samples are extracted, terrorizing events take place, and their memories are erased. Those who report that negative things are happening have been seeded with believable information to make them think otherwise. There are also paid agents that pose as believable researchers and authors to influence others.

Status of the Situation
Internet forums are heavily compromised by troubled people and paid government trolls. They use websites, postings on forums and established researchers that have been compromised to spread their version of the truth. They also use informants and have been infiltrating the ufology and esoteric communities since the 1950s. The disinformation in the UFO community is pervasive, heavily controlled, and manipulated. Researchers, who feel that they know the truth, are being misinformed by infiltrators. Anyone who opens a blog or writes a book can be compromised as well.

Agents are used to find out the type of friends that people have, what they watch on TV, and what they access on the Internet as well as their posted comments. Agents will also know the person’s health and their medications, which may be switched out, as well as anything else that may be useful to weaken the person. Agents use surveillance in order to gauge a person’s vulnerabilities so that they can determine how best to manipulate desired situations. They may also reveal intimate details in order to intimidate the person.

Defensive Strategies
You must be very careful with those who tell you that you are special and attempt to boost your ego. Many times, people who initially act friendly will turn instantly and become aggressive against you. The trolls will cause arguments against you with their different identities and cause problems in forums and in many other ways. In response to this, be aware, do not engage them, and just ignore them. Do not get into a circular debate with them.

The trolls will use your personality profile to elicit desired responses from you. It is better to cultivate friendships in the real world because people act differently in person then they do over the internet. To get the truth out, speak to those who will listen and want to know more about what you are saying. Don’t waste your time with those who just want to argue with you.

alex1w1schiller, posted on April 2, 2016

I know Gaiam TV is geared more towards New Age ideals and a lot of material about ancient aliens, but I find this episode concentrating more on whistleblower testimony about shills, operatives and mind control the most fascinating. I realized a lot of what Corey Goode cannot be said without serious editing, but I would like to encourage more shows about things like Montauk/Monarch mind control etc. Thanks!

newdirection7, posted on April 2, 2016

Thank You
Good episode.
Thats exactly what it feels like is happening underneath it all.
Grateful for all coming to light!

barnerjustin, posted on April 2, 2016

who can we really trust then ? man this is to deep .

donnajniles, posted on April 2, 2016

The trolls are certainly out on this site. Don't like what you hear, leave!

spencertieck, posted on April 2, 2016

Is the government monitoring and then making "hits" like Corey talked about on people who share THIS show or it's information? And can you give specific or any examples of dis/misinfo being put out there currently?

urdivine2, posted on April 1, 2016

Thanks Corey for the reminder to refrain from engaging in negative emotions on line and person-to-person. (personally i can never hear these types of reminders enough)! As i have heard from (hmmm) one of you guys in past episodes-several times- negative banter with the emotional charge is exactly what empowers those whom we to NOT wish to bolster in any way.
Thank you for being an example of what it looks like to reign in the emotions.
I continue to praise all research, and all that you share with us, including where to further our knowledge.
Would i like longer episodes...absolutely. It is a selfish desire. :) Looking forward to next time David and Corey.
May you be surrounded by love, divine light, benevolent beings, joyfulness and whatever else you think is appropriate for you!

kithid, posted on April 1, 2016

Are you guys deliberately putting on the Red and Blue shirt for this? All I can think of is the Red pill and blue pill our of the matrix. :P

domcloses, posted on April 1, 2016

Does anyone agree with me that if CG can tell us where Planet 9 is, BEFORE astronomers find it, then we have a validation. To date we do not have a validation from him. Please everyone ask where Planet 9 is. It doesn't hurt. I do not want to hear that his memory has been wiped out. That is BS. He knows about all of Jupiter's moons and about the Sun being a "battery" and several of hundred other claims. Where is Planet 9? Avoidance is deception just as much as lying.

PS Deleting peoples posts is deception.

pottlelinda, posted on April 1, 2016

Why not ask NASA about it. They know where it is. They are hiding it from us because they don't want a panic on their hands. David knows about it.... but in this show it's Corey telling is recount of what he knows through his eyes. When someone shares their memoirs .... it's their perception of what happened and nothing more. others may say it happened this way or that but ..... still we are hearing someones memories and that all depends on how important they felt something was to remember.

Also in The Law of One ... Ra never gives information that has not yet happened because it messes up the mission of coming here in the first place. Future info is not leaked by anyone. This is something we have to learn for yourself.

But Ya, I hear ya. I would love to know about the 9 th planet myself, been looking because it would give me a time line to follow. I guess that's something we are not supposed to know . :)

aemwilliams, posted on April 1, 2016

COBRA released a short article on Planet X (or Planet 9 now) here, which you may interesting:

According to his sources, yes it DOES exist & it does have an elliptical orbit (like Pluto also does), but it is not something that will pass by anywhere remotely near Earth to cause any sort of "pole shift"-type cataclysms. The "Nibiru apocalypse" scenario is likely the Cabal seeding "fear porn" dis-info within the alternative media community. Corey also mentioned on the Inner Earth episodes, that the Priestess stated that Sitchin's material was complete dis-info as well.

It may be one of many possible scenarios they have stored away in their toolbox, for any last ditch effort of theirs to create a "marshall law"/societal breakdown type event, once they see that the writing is on the wall for them.

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