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The Path of Souls
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Arcanum: The Path of Souls (August 2016)

Season 2, Episode 10
Available worldwide

In some Native American beliefs, we will find something called the Path of Souls. It is a tale which serves as geography for the soul’s journey through the afterlife. William Henry examines the shamanic accounts of the Path of Souls and the Bicentennial Mall State Park in Tennessee which mimics ancient temple building technology to portray of the Path of Souls. This depiction is also found in Egypt and within illuminations of St. Francis of Assisi. This presentation was originally webcast August 4, 2016.

William Henry


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steveappel2000, posted on September 14, 2016

This entire series is Awesome. Thank you William Henry for all your time and attention and hard work putting this together for us all.
The Truth resonates to the very core of our being when we hear it spoken.
So many pieces of the puzzle are coming into the light.
What an amazing time to be alive......

marilynmar88, posted on August 11, 2016

You always have such insightful episodes. Take Care

artistsuzette, posted on August 11, 2016

I loved this lecture ~ ~ ~ It was very enlightening ~ ~ ~ I think I will watch it again ~ ~ ~ Thank you William Henry

karina, posted on August 10, 2016

Fascinating design, The stairway to heaven look like the vertebrae in the body, leading to the 7 th chakra, the pillars might refer to the throne room where the
wise ones are seated, the three stars are present and we can meet the One. This could be shambala. This would make our body the worm hole to be able to enter the celestial realms. The mind boggles. Great series.

senorbud1, posted on August 8, 2016

Beautiful work, William. This takes the research of so many others to the next level. Loved seeing you on Cosmic Disclosure as well.

Sdkillian5, posted on August 8, 2016

I agree with barbarap9', the music got so loud, i thought there was a commercial break and the volume was turned up, extremely difficult to focus on the important information being presented. The background music should stay that - in the background. Please and thank you.
William Henry, great presentation once again, very precise and well put together. Looking forward to visiting Tennessee in the future.

ladymorosan, posted on August 7, 2016

Hello, William Henry. As Trump would say, the symbol of the Hamsa 'Hand of Fatima' & 'Hand of Miriam' in Islamic & Judaic religions is "HUGE" & dates all the way back to the worship of the ancient Phoenician Goddess Tanit. This well-recognized feminine symbol throughout the Middle East is very common for protection & good luck. It's surprising you didn't bring up these basic historic facts.

barbarap9, posted on August 7, 2016

The background music is lovely but not overlaying the intensity of the ancient knowledge and the images William Henry is weaving for the public. It distracts from being able to hear what is being said and I have to work Doubly hard to retain the valuable information. William's insights are tremendous but I find I have to fight through the music to hear his profound words and ideas.

linda.spaceharp, posted on August 5, 2016

I am flooded with tears of ecstasy after experiencing how you weaved all the knowledge across this Earth both ancient and recent, to present, 'the path of souls.'
I have your prior works and Andrew Collins & associates, and my personal experience of a major mystery school of pre-Dynastic Egyptian teachings, as well as the lineage of The Tibetan. My gratitude for everything you produce, with this one especially, is a path expressed of my soul's journey and what is truly important. Thank you is so humble a phrase!

rob79, posted on August 5, 2016

oh my this would be SO much better if you stopped saying goddamn wormhole. its so annoying and distracting from your real points, which are great. please, please stop saying wormhole. its too much you say it too much

jenasisgreer, posted on August 7, 2016

I began merging another perspective of myself with this physical body. I felt the shift and fullness and saw or see myself differently
All these things have been part of my life for years. Just now understood how it connects like- in the last two months all of this has come together for me
I painted another self portrait and I am floating in an Orb and it is woven with green yellow and orange- color fading into each other and looks rainbow- and my body is blue-
I Had no conscious idea- but subconsciously I must totally know- These things are all around my life!!!

jbrand1997, posted on August 5, 2016

I think a trip to Nashville is in order.

rosemarycreations, posted on August 4, 2016

wow. I'm on the edge of my chair. More , please. I wish David Wilcock would have you on again. This material is beyond my conception of importance.

vobear, posted on August 4, 2016

This looks much like the Indian Burial Ground in Louisiana which dates back to 1700 BC. check it out at for a quick overview and more in depth details at Some of the artifacts found there are very reminiscent of the Path of Souls Triskala in appearance

ladymorosan, posted on August 7, 2016

Thanks for these links, Vobear. Yes, some other lecturers posit that this culture were the descendants of the Elohim/giants, the surviving Native Americans in these areas say that the older races who lived there could be very tall. Those ancient boats also most likely didn't limit their trade to just along the Mississippi either. That copper & valued stones could have sailed on the high seas, to S. America all the way to the Mediterranean & Middle East. After all, why shouldn't ancient trade vessels that are sea worthy go anywhere they want? Neolithic people were using boats much further back in time than we previously realized & for trade it would be the preferred way to move goods.

The above would also explain how Native Americans & the Middle East share the same Hamsa hand symbol - through trade.

vlmanos, posted on August 4, 2016

William as always you show give an understanding of so much of who we are and were we are going. look forward to your show every week thank you.

azpiper11, posted on August 4, 2016

At the conclusion of this mind blowing work you close to your audience, "Be Humble...," - - - - Well sitting on the edge of this chair searching for a mental compass it is evident there is no other way to be but humble. Thank you.

gwendopouch, posted on August 4, 2016

Yes to that. :-)

jhershierra, posted on August 4, 2016

William, I am enjoying very much this second series you are doing. You put a lot of hard work into it for all of your viewers benefit. I LOVE your history lesson on ancient Nashville. To think I was just there last year with you and Clare. I didnt get enough time to go and see all of this wondrous history so near where I was staying. Actually the truth is... I had not been to Nashville before going last year - I have no interest in Country music or sports so there was no reason to go. I have been through Tennessee on my way to Asheville NC which I Love and tried to move there several times. I digress...but I am going to come back to see you and spend some 'days'exploring this whole area sometime. I will bring my sketch book and watercolors too! This could be a fascinating trip to 'an American ancient site' like the other ones you journey too. With all this ceremonial energy and magic happening .

I am very familiar with the Keys of Enoch and have been studying it since 1985. I encoded these keys into my energy matrix with sound, color, light and pictograph energy and know this book and teachings on many levels. JJ Hurtak did NOT channel Enoch. He is explicitly clear on his experience. He was physically taken up in Enochs Merkabah until that Entity was unable to go any farther and was then given over to Metatron to finish the journey to see YHVH. I have provided a link to a diagram from the Keys of Enoch concerning the decent of the dove in America. Nashville along with other cities are inside the 'DOVE' and these areas will be the gathering places for the communities of the righteous. The ancient heartland of the Ancient of Days. The Sacred Head of the Dove encompasses part of Texas and mostly the Yucatan peninsula. Into all these Light Center areas will be anchored "Galactic command" from Orion according to the Keys of Enoch
this map is in Spanish - the only one I could find on google but Nashville is in the center circle - middle right shoulder from front view.

The people who are to be brought into these areas will be transfigured in order to carry on the galactic seed. They will then ' make an Exodus" to other star systems in order to begin a new genesis of creation according to the Keys of Enoch. I have personally gotten a lot of information on this. I wrote 256 pages of prophecy concerning the future of mankind but did not publish it back in 2010. Another note to add to the Keys of Enoch is that when I activated the codes of this book ... in the mid 1980s that is when my Kundalini energy came ' under my control' and I was able to transfer this energy to other initiates as well as ' call it up' on command. Every 6 -12 thousand years the Lords of Light come and gather the refined and cultivated seed crystal that they left behind ( not part of any animal evolution or other ET experiment or evolution ). This Crystal Seed is also known as the Christ Seed, the Buddha seed as they were ' the Lords of Light who seeded this planet". There are 'time warp zones' some natural and some artificial that the Orion Command will use to take the physical Humans into the realm of the Great White Brotherhood and other places according to JJ Hurtak. I have had astral travels and premonitions and visions of the ' gathering of the 'seed crystal' I have seen myself and others go through this process.

Those of us who are part of the Christ Seed have an inner knowing of ' history and the LONG VIEW' of time. We dont live in the ' Now Generation" . Although many Disciples live and believe in ' living in the now". Those of us who are Initiate and Master levels have evolved our perception to a very ' long term' point of view and everything we do is for many generations and many new worlds. We dont have a small world view or limited daily view of life or a ' it must happen now' viewpoint.

This path is a death and resurrection path which MUST HAPPEN while still living in the old body. It requires a total death of the self. Also a final point on this is that nature and the earth are VITAL keys to our transfiguration. So many new age teachings are focused on cosmic and galactic ascension, energies and Beings... they miss a main ingredient. You cannot ascend without understanding the major key part that Mother Earth GAIA plays in our own spiritual evolution... another story for later I could talk about- but the energies of earth and our solar system are important to our freedom and understanding our own ' body', We cannot transcend just focusing on ' celestial ideas' in our mind what ' light beings are'. To know a Light Being is to understand our own physical earth /solar body totally and completely. We must KNOW ALL OUR BODIES intimately. SERAPHIM are Angels that serve the 'Will of the Father' in the lower universes by taking on the ' APPEARANCE" of many different corporeal forms.

Thank you for sharing your discoveries and passion with us. I look forward to the next chapter.

PS... I typed this comment in the new GAIA BETA system and website I hope it shows up correctly :)

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