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Quality of Life

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Healing with Animals: Quality of Life (2003)

Episode 13
Only available in United States

Three years ago a Gig Harbor, Washington, woman was housebound with severe epilepsy. After developing a special bond with a very talented Vietnamese pot bellied pig, her seizures have subsided and she has a developed a new life touring the county fair circuit with her performing pig. Then, we meet a young woman with advanced Huntington’s disease who was confined to a debilitating life in a wheelchair until she was encouraged to resume her childhood passion of horse riding. She built a strong relationship with her favorite horse and now competes in a Special Riders Competition.



Down Syndrome Video
Episode 1 Down Syndrome
Down Syndrome (2003)
Episode 1
, 23 minutes
An Alberta girl competes in a therapeutic horse program and a boy from Ohio competes in a Special Olympics golf tournament with a dream dog. Both have Down syndrome and both have been able to overcome many disadvantages of ...
Only available in United States
Prison Dogs (Adult Offenders) Video
Episode 2 Prison Dogs (Adult Offenders)
Prison Dogs (Adult Offenders) (2003)
Episode 2
, 23 minutes
An ex-heroin addict transforms her life, and an ex-street kid turned Catholic sister introduces canine therapy to women behind bars. Both changed their lives after working with dogs.
Only available in United States
Cerebral Palsy Video
Episode 3 Cerebral Palsy
Cerebral Palsy (2003)
Episode 3
, 23 minutes
A girl with cerebral palsy gains new independence with the help of an extraordinary service dog. And, a quadriplegic lives his cowboy dream with the help of a special horse.
Only available in United States
Dolphin Therapy Video
Episode 4 Dolphin Therapy
Dolphin Therapy (2003)
Episode 4
, 23 minutes
We meet a single father who is bringing joy to his autistic son by giving him an aquatic adventure he’ll never forget. Then we visit Canadian occupational therapists at two Florida-based dolphin-human therapy facilities.
Only available in United States

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