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Spirit Talk: Reincarnation (May 2014)

Season 1, Episode 9
Available worldwide

The singular lifetime that you are experiencing right now is the not the entirety of your existence. Your soul has agreed to encounter many lessons across many lifetimes, often with the same group of souls. James Van Praagh explains the importance of reincarnation and offers a past life regression before connecting live studio audience members with their loved ones on the other side in this presentation originally webcast May 22, 2014.

During the spirit reading, Brandon connects with his mother and father who share memories of their times together. They have come to let him know that his sister, who has just passed, is doing fine and no longer in pain.

Four sisters connect with several family members who are doing well on the other side, including a mother-in-law, husband and father. The sisters are told they are never alone as their family is still close, even from the other side.

James Van Praagh


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Jump4Joy, posted on May 23, 2014

Last night it all began with a dream of a deceased employer who I haven't conscientiously thought of in years. It ended with, what I believe, was a visitation of his spirit, because I woke up and was enjoying the dream so much, I wanted to stay in it. While awake, I pulled the sheet up over my head and we began to talk. I was told he was now healthy and happy and watched over me every day and would be "there" to meet me when I pass over. I felt pure love between us and was so very happy that tears filled my eyes. While we "talked" I was not even bothered by my two little doggies that were now awake and in the bed with me. I felt no other conscious emotions and we joked around about the song he used to listen to entitled "Lukenbachx, Texas". When I woke up I began to wonder how his spirit could visit with me if he had reincarnated and the answer came right to me - there's only now and we are present everywhere. I would love to read or listen to more individuals' experiences similar to this one with dreams and talking to someone's spirit who has passes from this earthly realm.

frankserrano.mwr, posted on May 23, 2014

Thru the first door I ended up as a an entertainer/ musician spreading love thru music. I was wearing shiny black shoes and a suit, maybe Chicago 1920s

Thru the second door I was in another planet, desert climate with pyramids, the other people did not communicate

Thru the third door, I was in a paradise type seaside setting, maybe 1500s and it was a simple life

1st and second life there was the presence of a romantic interest (same one as my current life) and my present life brother was with me in the second door setting.

Very interesting!

patricehocking, posted on May 22, 2014

As usual, enjoyed every moment. Thank you

c.max51, posted on May 22, 2014

You are so very helpful James. I wait for Thursdays every week now for your new show. You are truly one of my favorites and a wonderful person.

mickialbert, posted on May 22, 2014

Great show James! Your smile brightens my morning, and the messages from the other side meant for the studio audience speak to me as well! Gaiam are you working on a James doll, out by Christmas? :)

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