Arcanum: The Secrets of Soul Ascension Video
The Secrets of Soul Ascension
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Arcanum: The Secrets of Soul Ascension (June 2016)

Season 2, Episode 3
Available worldwide

Wars in Iraq, throughout history, have left an indelible mark upon our civilization and many theories abound as to why the conflicts toil on. William Henry examines the historical remnants of this region, texts and artworks, which indicate that the ancient Annunaki may not really have come to harvest all the gold from our planet. Rather they may have left behind the secrets of soul ascension, a different kind of golden harvest. This presentation was originally webcast June 16, 2016.

William Henry


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Brandora, posted on September 29, 2016

Thank you so much for this most important series on Ascension, and especially for this episode, for it has give me the answer I have been struggling to find about how the Rulers have personally been trying to distract me and take away my power. It sounds so simple, yet without knowing that we have these tools within us to protect ourselves from the hindrence of these Archons. I am a most motivated fan of yours to put these tools of ascension into their full use to get myself beyond the influence of these devious, soul-less beings. Thank you, thank you, thank you, your series have been a blessing in my life, and I send you Blessings in return.

louana, posted on July 8, 2016

Bonjour william
Love all the new programs and info. You were born my friend to do this. But I was just wondering where's your lovely wife ? :)
You definitly make a great couple.

lizzie.leclair, posted on July 3, 2016

thank you!

shanhell1234, posted on June 27, 2016

Hey it would be very helpful if you cited sources and the materials under the video.


jenasisgreer, posted on June 22, 2016

I have thought we were there for ancient knowledge since the war began... didn't know why, now i do.

richi_leroux, posted on June 21, 2016

Amazingly Interesting! When do these episodes come out?? I want more!!!! lol

Victory of the Light

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on June 22, 2016

You can find all of our videos on Gaia with William Henry at the following link:

TLE56, posted on June 22, 2016

If you do a search for William's name or Arcanum, you will find several to watch. There is a season 1 and the beginnings of season 2. I just watched one of William's presentations on Sion. It is not part of the regular episodes. The length of the presentation is just over one hour long. I found the program absolutely amazing. If you get a chance to watch it, I believe you will immensely enjoy it. :-)

G99thomp, posted on June 20, 2016

Some of the best I have seen here

eve11111, posted on June 19, 2016

great.Love the arts shown and fascinating explanations.

pmak4500, posted on June 19, 2016

marilynmar88, posted on June 18, 2016

I really enjoy watching this., posted on June 18, 2016

Some of what you impart is indeed feasible, perhaps probable, but some of it is still, to me, in question. It is good to consider since it is connected to ancient teachings but they are yet to be fully deciphered. I am sure much of the ancient text is yet to be found or released due to the nature of the wisdom they hold. There are those who would rather not see humanity appraised of there true beginnings in fear of the "status quo" being brought to naught, but as Fate would have it , one day "the truth will out".

crowsho, posted on June 18, 2016

says run time 31:32, all I get is a short preview---why is that?

TLE56, posted on June 17, 2016

I'm loving this new series, William. Your theories on ascension seems to ring true for me. Thank you so much! You have a great way of explaining the different concepts of ascension. I look forward to viewing many more such episodes. I hope this message finds you well.

vjennw, posted on June 17, 2016

While listening and absorbing all this beautiful wisdom. I love the new series and love the way William Henry teaches. Wonderful and very enlightening!! I also love the art and the symbolism within. I can feel the energy within these beautiful creations.

be_lash1016, posted on June 16, 2016

Just because the topic of Saddam Hussein's reincarnation has been mentioned, and the implications of that are profound if true, I have learned who I was in my most recent past life. I am trying to find my other past selves in an objective manner. That person I am/was went by Jean Sibelius. I'm not joshing here, not joking around. Very serious. The methods of arriving at this conclusion have been long and drawn out, but I have become aware of the reincarnation. I feel very lucky for several people to have written biographies about the guy. I hope William Henry mentions his own reincarnation experience at some point.

mackintoshmargaret, posted on June 16, 2016

This is wonderful and hugely inspiring! Thank God for William Henry!

katwomantxstyle73, posted on June 16, 2016

I am going to LOVE this series..... keeping up with them as fast as they are being posted! :D

vlmanos, posted on June 16, 2016

Great show thank you

suppqueen, posted on June 16, 2016

Thank you for laying the story line out as you have...I will definitely have to watch/listen again! There is so much to wrap my head around!

SuzannaB@Gaia, posted on June 16, 2016

Thank you for sharing--so glad you're enjoying this new season with William Henry!


jhershierra, posted on June 16, 2016

William I am captivated by your theorems and postulates of the soul's journey to freedom and immortality. Although I have read a lot of books, the large majority of my beliefs come from my own personal experiences. So I share what I know from first hand travels, encounters and revelations.

What is interesting to me is that often my Spirit Guardians say to me that ' some of us' here on the planet are a soul whose destiny it is ... is to be an unbroken chain lifetime after lifetime of direct revelations and teachings for the benefit of humanity. You might say ' my life and its spiritual pioneering ' is a link in a chain I started long ago.

I feel this is exactly what you are doing as a researcher of this long chain of ' clues' about who we are that has been hidden from us. You are one of these souls I speak about...who has a chain of unbroken lives... where you have ' laid down clues' of our divine nature and now in this lifetime are ' resurrecting' all of these lifetimes and knowledge into a ' pathway' that can be traced in our recent and even ancient past.

You are connecting the dots...from YOUR OWN Lineage. This is the most ' soul inspired' way to do things. Our final lifetime is a ' gathering of lost fragments' of our whole experience...lives we stored as memories and integrating all of them into ONE Conscious Being. By integrating all of your memories... you are able to travel the world and ' see things' others cannot see... because they are YOUR memories of knowledge and teachings that you experienced.

I see this every time I watch you teach... within your energy field. So now you have eloquently woven this story for us...this journey... that many of us can follow and have our own ' memories activated or affirmed' . Some of our memories or experiences may be different but this is a WHOLE journey so by walking your path we see the connections and similarities and we see where we had a fork in the road for a while but it all leads to the same place.

I have been working on my Merkabah vehicle since the mid 1980s. Even tho I was astral traveling and having conversations with celestials at 7- I had a huge activation in the 1980s while taking a bath Merkabah was ' activated' and I started spinning in a vortex so hard I sloshed water out of the tub onto the floor. That started a long process of ascension activation which is still going on right now. I see my vehicle in a number of dimensions tho not all. As I purify myself I increase my awareness of more of my vehicle and its abilities. My life's journey has been a chronicle of ' the ascension process'... and I see ' myself' in your journey.

I never believed Sitchin's story of slavery for gold. I have a close friend who is a royal ( will not reveal this person). He can trace his lineage back to Enki and a long line of Sumerian Kings. This knowledge was passed to him from his family generation after generation. in 2010 he showed me his entire lineage and told me a story about Enki that was NOT the stories of Sitchin. From his ' line' all the royal European houses have been created.

I hope to see in future episodes how you will link the east and west. You touched upon the Rainbow body briefly... I have been studying that information since the 1990s. There is a long lineage of ascension and immortality from the eastern yogis as well... dating back past our current Genesis history. It seems there may have been more than one group involved in raising the vibrations of humans on this earth... not just the Annunaki ...the near east, the far east and who knows who else some inner earth, some hidden progenitor race even older...

Blessings on your work,

indianahome1, posted on August 12, 2016

The only memory I have is of an Egyptian past life. The other events I have, have to do with seeing a golden orb one morning outside my home through the window of my bedroom It moved with an intelligent presence. It was beautiful... seeing children from another timeline twice (and other assorted people). Also having one astral projection vision I guess you could call it, where I saw small beings about 4' tall or so, (you know they look like little greys) standing in a circle, holding hands and a small silver orb that looked metallic (about golf ball size) coming from the ceiling area. It dropped down rather quickly but then when it got within a few inches of the round platform in the center of where they were standing, it moved in slow-motion. When it was just about to touch the platform I came out of it. I have no idea what I saw and was wondering if anyone else has seen similar things such as what I have described?? I have no idea why I am experiencing these things as they all started within the last 12 yrs for the most part. I am an empath though and respond to touch. I get messages in picture form if I make contact with someone. It can be annoying at times, like sometimes I get pictures of things that have happened in the past and tell the person and they look at me how did you know I got in that car accident? It can be embarrassing. I really don't know what I am supposed to be doing so I just do as much good as I can spreading love and peace. Namaste everyone! I love watching these programs as I try to learn and understand more.

jhershierra, posted on August 17, 2016


Many of your experiences are about parts of you in the past and in the future which are all happening NOW. Those of us with the developed skill can transverse many dimensions or multiple realities. I have witnessed and personally experienced many of my past lives and I have seen and witnessed my ascended self and her work in the future.

If you are going to be the person ' who is selected to ascend in this lifetime' by your I AM Presence... you will be contacted by your future ascended self. My ascended self walked into my home one evening and I fell on my knees. before her. She has been teaching me how to ' manifest a WHOLE LIGHT BEING" ascension. YOU CANNOT ascend ... one lifetime or one body. You must know about all your past lives, you must know their issues, you must be multidimensional. You cannot go...where you have not been. All of our most important work is done in the ' astral travel, dream worlds and in meditation when we drop into Theta and leave our bodies'.

I have been astral traveling since I was 7 years old- But since the 1980s I have been merging many of my past and future lives into this NOW time with THIS awareness and body. It has been a most amazing experience because I have learned that I AM HEALING many of my past lives with things I am doing now, and I have Created my Ascended Self with what I am doing now. I have experienced past lives on space ships, in Egypt, in China, in Europe, I have witnessed future selves and what they are doing also here on earth and out in space and other planets.

However what is amazing is the understanding that every action I am doing in THIS LIFE is healing and resurrecting my past lives into higher realms of light. My Ascended Self ' in this life' is teaching me how to raise ALL OF ME into the ascended state. I take ALL of my lives with me ....when I advance in my own conscious awareness into higher ascended realities. I understand their ' issues' and I understand that what I am doing now is freeing those Beings so that they can make the ascension with me. I AM A WHOLE LIGHT BEING... is the understanding. When we ascend we leave NOTHING behind in any life in any reality or time. But you must know all your lives and you must be aware of their issues and most importantly the ascension lifetime is the ' sacrificial lamb' the Messiah or Christ lifetime...that one lifetime takes on all the issues to heal and transform them.

So now I TAKE EVERYONE with me as I grow... and it is a most amazing adventure I could talk for hours about it. It gives your life an entirely new meaning and purpose. All ascensions are done 'internally before anything manifest externally' It is just rising up in 'space' or dimensions in an eternal world of NOW or NO TIME. This linear self who lives in time and experiences space moves to a Being of Eternal Time and many levels or awareness of space.


seethinglong, posted on June 16, 2016

As ascension may represent new experience, those ascended will always LOVE to descend and bring us along. This will return karma to those come to help ascend to next level.

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