Cleanse your body and mind with Gaia’s detox yoga classes to rid yourself of heaviness, stagnation, and energetic blockages. Enjoy Gaia’s online offerings of fiery vinyasa flows, kundalini chakra cleanses, powerful hatha movement, guided meditation, and breathwork (pranayama) with this collection of online detox videos. The benefits of yoga for detoxification are countless and powerful. Our bodies naturally detoxify through circulation and sweat and many physical yoga postures enhance this full body detoxification. Yoga for removing toxins in the body can manifest in a myriad of ways depending on your cleansing goals. Through online yoga for detox with Gaia, find a vigorous and sweaty vinyasa flow, deep twisting and rinsing hatha style sequence, or a fitness-based power yoga sequence to tap into your body’s natural strength to cleanse and detoxify. Gaia’s yoga videos can even move beyond the physical practice into your internal world physiologically and mentally. Focus on purifying your circulatory system with focused breathwork and movement. Optimize your digestive system with guided yoga cleanses and detoxifying stretches. Purify your mind and spirit with online guided meditations for detox to help clear out any negative thoughts and invite in positive ones. Clear the clutter out of your mind with online audio meditations that allow you to shed old habits and sweep out the dust. Consider creating a daily meditation routine or a daily yoga practice to help keep your mind and body feeling clear, calm, collected, and pure.

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