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Hall Of Water Dome

  • How we can help humanity recognize its true nature of divinity
  • Learn to live in balance with nature
  • Start to unravel the mystery of time
  • Explore a practical sense of spirituality
  • How everyday life can become an expression of their soul’s mission
  • What we can do to bring about a new golden age of humankind

Hall Of Water Dome

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Damanhur: Journey Through Time

In the Piedmont region of Italy, just north of Turin, you will find a group of spiritual communities known as the Damanhur Federation. It was founded in 1975 from the inspired vision of a man named Falco. Since then, it has grown into a thriving civilization and is considered to be a model of a sustainable society. Their pinnacle achievement is the Temple of Humanity, built entirely underground in accordance with the ancestral language of sacred geometry. It is a place of spiritual research where people come to realize their soul’s mission in life.

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Learn more about Damanhur’s mission in the series “Damanhur A Journey Through Time” only on Gaia.

Df S1e2 Returning To Atlantis 16x9

Returning to Atlantis

S1:E2 31 min

Djtt S1e3 Unlocking Memories Of Atlantis 16x9

Unlocking Memories of Atlantis

S1:E3 1 hr, 20 min

Damanhur Community Bio

About the Damanhur Community

Damanhur is a Living Lab for the Future, a Federation of communities, and a worldwide movement, inspiring the lives of thousands of people committed to making a positive mark in the world. It is well known for its beautiful underground Temples of Humankind. The Damanhur Federation is a collection of spiritual communities that have gathered to form a sustainable community in Northwestern Italy. Their mission is to explore a practical sense of spirituality so that everyone’s everyday life can become an expression of their soul’s mission.

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