Returning to Atlantis

Atlantis, as an advanced civilization achieving the summit of human evolution is a profound myth that has intrigued mankind for centuries. What if it was not a just a myth, but an ideal civilization that has been lost to the future by some fracture in time? If we could discover a way to bridge this gap in time, the lessons we could bring forward would change the course of human evolution. Maybe that is just what the world needs, right now.

While this may sound like a far-fetch plan from the annals of science fiction, the Damanhur Federation’s practical approach to spirituality brings this outlandish notion into a well-grounded reality. Whether you believe that Atlantis really existed or that people can travel through time does not matter. We have all incarnated into a time of change and it is time to stand up and act for the benefit of all mankind. Jay Weidner talks with Crotalo Sesamo about Damanhur’s findings on Atlantis and how they can accelerate humankind’s capacity to evolve and create a new golden age.

Host: Jay Weidner
Featuring: Crotalo Sesamo
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish