Unlocking Memories of Atlantis

The legendary land of Atlantis was lost a long time ago to the ravages of time and the collective memory of this place has all but faded from human consciousness. But there are those who have discovered how to traverse the vastness of time and recover these lost memories. They have seen the splendors that this great land has to offer and have returned to share what they learned.

More than just incredible paintings of astonishing works of art, recovering the spiritual wisdom from Atlantis will have a profound impact on all of humanity. Just before the fall, the people of Atlantis faced a crisis of values; similar to what we are experiencing today. To avoid a similar fate, each of us must look inside to discover the true meaning of who we really are and recover the true values of our lives.

Crotalo Sesamo sits down with Jay Weidner to share paintings that depict the artwork of Atlantis as they discuss Damnanhur’s mission to stand as an inspiration to change the world from the inside out.

Host: Jay Weidner
Featuring: Crotalo Sesamo
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish