Get connected to the universe and the force that unites us all by beginning or deepening your meditation practice. With these meditation yoga videos, you have a special opportunity to access unlimited peace and happiness that roots from within. Meditation is a chance for you to discover what it’s like to no longer feel separate but rather vastly intertwined to the world around you. Through meditation practices, you unearth the ability to tap into peace whenever you need it. By simply observing what you’re experiencing, you can detach from the gripping that causes pain and suffering in your life. When you explore the rich practices of yoga meditation, you discover a tool that you can use to ultimately change your life. With these meditation yoga videos, you have a special opportunity to look within toward your infinite center. In yoga meditation, we can have a conversation in the sacred space of our minds in order to learn how to accept what is while training our minds to move in a direction that sees the positive in ourselves and in others. Every day we have a choice on how to live our lives. Using meditation, you will draw your attention inwards and center your body and mind. This internal listening and observation will allow you to discover and embrace your life purpose and to live authentically every day. Explore the posture of seated meditation and begin an ongoing dialogue with the alignment of your spine. Discover other avenues of meditation through our videos as well, deepening your understanding of how physical movement and breath also contribute to the richness of the practice. Broaden your concentration into an all encompassing awareness, realizing at last your true nature of being one with the universe. With yoga meditation, we aim to shift our relationship to our thoughts, becoming more familiar with the nature and habits of our mind. Through regular practice, you will notice greater stability, strength, and clarity in your thinking.

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