The Bermuda Triangle Solved?

48 mins2001

A ground-breaking documentary on an age old mystery, The Bermuda Triangle covers more than a million miles of ocean that seem to defy explanation. Over the last century alone hundreds of ships and aircraft have simply vanished without a trace here. Since January 2001, a cruise ship, two tankers, eleven yachts and four light aircraft have sunk or disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle, with 428 people remaining missing, presumed dead.

Some say the area is a portal to another dimension and that the ships and planes are transported in time. Others, that the lost city of Atlantis is buried beneath the waters and scientists argue over alleged magnetic fields and strange natural forces. On the other hand skeptics argue that there is no mystery at all. The real truth they say lies in severe storms, human error and mechanical failure.

This film is dedicated to the estimated 8,127 souls who have lost their lives in the Bermuda Triangle since record-keeping began in 1981. For the first time we reveal the science behind the fiction. With never-before-seen footage, we talk to the experts and eyewitnesses, analyze the reports and we dive to the bottom of the ocean in our efforts to unravel the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.