Conscious Acts of Creation: The Emergence of a New Physics

20021 hr, 30 mins

For the past several centuries to the present day, the formal expressions of physics have contained no contributions arising from any human quality – as if the various human energy fields in no meaningful way interacted with anything else in nature. Because of this, the very large and growing body of data confirming a contrary view has been ignored by most of today’s modern scientific establishment.

Based upon years of detailed research, physicist and Stanford Professor Emeritus Dr. William A. Tiller has amassed such convincing experimental data that these findings can no longer be ignored by mainstream science. Most importantly, this data demonstrates how, in seemingly the same cognitive space, basic chemical reactions and basic material properties can be strongly altered by human intentions. Essentially, he says, we are all capable of performing what we used to think of as miracles. (For the technically minded, he then goes on to explain that these remarkable changes appear to be related to transformations of the vacuum substance within each atom and molecule occupying that cognitive space.)