Eat the Sun

1 hr, 22 mins

Meet Mason, a modern-day “sungazer” and subject of Peter Sorcher’s award-winning and suspenseful documentary film. This film follows Mason on an unbelievable and often hilarious cross-country tour into the little-known world of sungazing – an ancient practice of directly staring at the sun to derive physical and spiritual benefits. Sun gazers say that the practice can give you better eyesight, improve energy, help with weight loss, and provide many other benefits.

Throughout his journey, Mason meets with scientists, ophthalmologists, and other sun gazers while riddled with uncertainty. Will he damage his eyes by looking at the sun for extended periods of time? Is the man who inspires thousands to sungaze lying? Will Mason succeed in his quest to uncover the truth? This captivating documentary will challenge your deepest-held beliefs.

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Featuring: Mason Dwinell, Hira Raten Manek, Gene Savoy

Original Language: English

Audio Languages: English

Featuring: Mason Dwinell, Hira Raten Manek, Gene Savoy

FeaturingMason Dwinell, Hira Raten Manek, Gene Savoy