The End of Ageing

53 mins2010
Featuring: Professor Rose Anne Kenny

All over the world, human beings are living longer than ever before. This is due to many factors, including improved living conditions, lifestyle choices and medical advancements. While there is not a single cause, a growing community of scientists are pushing the limits of life expectancy. In the not-too-distant future, they may even be able to halt ageing altogether.

As the world’s population continues to live longer, our current economic systems will no longer be sustainable. Health care systems, and the economies that fund them, need to make major changes. Because a growing number of people are healthy enough continue to work and play, we will need to reevaluate the nature of employment and recreation.

In this compelling documentary we look at the causes of ageing and the advances that increase life expectancy. Based on these discoveries, Professor Rose Anne Kenny offers six steps to living a longer life. We also explore how to change the current economic and health care systems in order to sustain ever increasing numbers of people living longer. While there are no immediate answers, an optimistic future is not too far away.