Faeries, pixies, devas….the stuff of legend and fantasy….but could they actually be real, living beings? Why does the concept of faeries feature so prominently in humanity’s books, Hollywood blockbuster films, and in our imagination? Groundbreaking films today are a rarity, but Evanescent truly fits the genre as Australian filmmaker and researcher, Mark Abriel presents a fantastic viewpoint: faeries and their kin may not just be concocted children’s stories!

Supported by a stream of never-before-seen daylight high-resolution genuine photographs and video clips, Evanescent suggests that these highly vibrational beings streaking through our reality may actually be very real inhabitants of other “leaves” of the space/time continuum, in our realm often manifesting as white or pastel rainbow balls of plasma light, in a book of life that is much broader and far more highly animated than modern-day conventional science may have led us to believe!

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish