Gut Reaction (Part 1): What You Eat Could Be Making You Ill

28 mins

New research has linked the Western diet to asthma, autism, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, emphysema, cancer, and the list goes on. The reason a healthy diet could be even more important than previously thought is because food affects the bacteria deep inside our guts.

In the last ten years, a technological revolution means scientists are now beginning to discover just how crucial these microscopic creatures are to our overall health — and what they’re learning is shaking the very foundations of medicine and nutrition. Our food, it turns out, might be making us sick — but the good news is, it could also be our medicine.

Featuring: Dr. Graham Phillips, Stephen Simpson, Charles MacKay, Rob Knight, Matt Cooper, Jeff Leach, Alison Thorburn, Gideon Cordover, Katharine Samaras