The Hidden Story of Jesus – Part 2

54 mins2007

Renowned theologian Robert Beckford examines the radical differences between the Christian Jesus and that of Judaism and Islam. In Judaism Jesus is seen at best as a charismatic teacher, healer and prophet and at worst as an illegitimate magician and dangerous heretic. How much of this vilification was in direct response to growing Christian anti-Semitism? And why has Jesus seen a revival among some small sects of Jews, even to the extent of being seen as a Messiah. In Islam, Jesus or ‘Issa’ is a central figure, although his story and purpose is profoundly different. Not the son of God, he is seen as the most pre-eminent prophet after Mohammad himself. For Muslims, his life has two phases: firstly as a prophet to Israel and secondly at his second coming when he, as a follower of Muhammad, will fight Dajjal (the anti-Christ), and help Muslims to change the world into an Islamic abode. How do all these interpretations of Jesus fit together?

Featuring: Dr. Robert Beckford