Keys to the Code: Unlocking the Secrets in Symbols

Reality TV: Exploring the Esoteric
S1:Ep1151 mins2007Guest: Tim Wallace-Murphy, Philip Gardiner

Philip Gardiner sits down with Tim Wallace-Murphy to discuss the relevance of symbolism and the spiritual development of mankind through the ages. Shamanism was the first attempt mankind made at achieving enlightenment; some of their cave paintings reflected this search. Esoteric Symbols in medieval Europe were primarily developed as a means of communicating what was considered heresies. Today, symbols still provoke responses; a fact that is mostly exploited for commercial means.

Tim Wallace-Murphy is an international best-selling author, known throughout the world for his deep knowledge of Rosslyn, the Knights Templar, Sacred Geometry, Rex Deus - the real bloodline of Jesus Christ and the sacred continuation of esoteric and Gnostic knowledge. This is your opportunity to delve into the mind of one who truly understands the sacred nature of God on Earth, as seen by ancient Gnostics and to understand the psychological and spiritual power of symbols.

Featuring: Tim Wallace-Murphy, Philip Gardiner
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