Labyrinths: Their Mystery & Magic

57 mins2006
Featuring: Ilfra Halley, Richard Feather Anderson, Jeff Saward, Robert Ferre

Found in many cultures world-wide, labyrinths can be one of the most profound tools for connecting with the gods, bringing balance, healing body and soul, and embarking upon an inner journey. Patterns and proportions as found in nature are reflected in the various forms of labyrinths. It is as if the meandering lines become temples honoring the very forces that create and sustain all of life.

In this documentary, we explore the history of labyrinths to discover the evolution of patterns as different cultures adopted their use. Though the final product is complex, simple construction techniques for laying out a design on paper and making a rope labyrinth are presented. In addition, various techniques are outlined for meditation, chakra balancing, self discovery and more. There are no limits for construction designs or use for versatile and transformational labyrinths.