The Mysteries of Easter Island

Mysteries: Cracking the Mysteries of Time
S1:Ep450 mins2002Guest: Fred Applegate

After years of fierce debate, theory and archeological research, is it finally time to unravel the mysteries of Easter Island? For nearly 1,000 years the meaning of the monstrous monoliths has been cloaked in mystery and conjecture. No one is certain of the significance of the statues, nor what happened to the population.

Experts offer insight as to the origin of the people of Easter Island by investigating native legends and DNA from ancient bones. That only opens the door to further speculate as to the dramatic shifts in culture and the rise of a unique form of written word. What is evidenced is the people did not live in harmony or with each other. Ultimately, the population disappeared leaving behind the mystery of who they were and what really happened.

Featuring: Fred Applegate
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