The Mysteries of the Sphinx

Mysteries: Cracking the Mysteries of Time
S1:Ep250 mins2002Guest: Fred Applegate

Across the Nile, in the shadow of the pyramid lies one of the true wonders of the world. For nearly 5,000 years the existence of the sphinx has been shrouded in mystery, controversy and uncertainty. During the battle of the pyramids Napoleon discovered the sphinx’s head protruding from the sand from that point on, the quest to uncover its mysteries began.

One scientist claims to have found weathering on the sphinx that is due to rainfall; a rainfall that indicates a tropical climate that existed long before the pyramids were constructed. Still, no concrete evidence has come forth as to its origin or why it was built. However, in modern day Egypt, the sphinx still plays a significant role. It is the pride and glory of the Egyptian civilization and the people continue to revel in its continued mystery.

Featuring: Fred Applegate
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