The Rosslyn Frequency: Uncovering the Hidden World of the Knights Templar

Reality TV: Exploring the Esoteric
S1:Ep159 mins2009Guest: Brian J. Allan

A spiritual awakening is coming, not for all, but for a certain few that can attune to higher frequencies of consciousness. Many people are questioning their own process of enlightenment, but the truth of their own awakening already lies within them. Philip Gardiner talks with Brian J. Allan as he explains the history and intention of the Rosslyn Chapel and how it correlates to this spiritual awakening.

Some say that Rosslyn Chapel is a simple place of worship; others believe that it holds the secrets of the Knights Templar. Esoteric mystery persistently surrounds this enigmatic place. This unique film presents startling new evidence that suggests there is a very real and breathtaking secret hidden within the structure. Throughout the interview Allan shares his own astounding personal experiences within the chapel that validates his own research as to its powerful nature.

Featuring: Brian J. Allan
Video Language: English