Secret Egypt: A Journey through Social Traditions

The Mystic Fire Video Collection
S1:Ep150 mins1995Guest: Gabrielle Roth (narrator)

Secret Egypt is your passport to the timeless rituals of a culture where the fires of an ancient wisdom still burn, a musical and visual experience, an impressionistic journey delicately infused with the ecstatic Sufi poetry of Rumi. Join the dance of surrender – roam the land of the Nile as an invisible witness, accompanied by exquisite photography and hypnotic rhythms and melodies that soon become eerily familiar.

Long ago, the rhythms of black Africa slowly moved up the Nile, merging with those of the Bedouins, who drifted in from the surrounding desert and were absorbed into the Arab culture of Islam. Out of this blend, a land of mystery was formed where trance still survives as a way to merge with the cosmic beat of the universe – a way to heal, to release emotion and awaken the spirit.

Featuring: Gabrielle Roth (narrator)
Video Language: English