Shaman, Healer, Sage

1 hr, 4 mins

Alberto Villoldo is a highly recognized authority of Incan healing and spiritual traditions. Twenty-five years ago, during an expedition to the Andes, he discovered traditional healers that focused on the spiritual nature of a person, rather than just the body. This spawned his life long journey to understand the nature of shamanic healing that takes place all over the world. He explains, in his own words, that all of the indigenous traditions refer to some form of a luminous energy field that causes the mind, body, and spirit work together to create health or disease.

Formed in the womb, this luminous body surrounds the body and guides how we live, age, heal, and die. This field can be cleared and healed of all past imprints so body, mind, and spirit can return to an optimal state of health. We join Alberto Villoldo in the Andes as he explains his discovery process, the overall implications of luminous healing, and how you can achieve this state of wellness.

Featuring: Alberto Villoldo