The Shaman's Apprentice

54 mins

Could there be medicine for health problems with no cure in Western medicine like diabetes and HIV found in unknown plants of the rainforest? After dropping out of college, Mark J. Plotkin was working at Harvard and decided to take a class in ethnobotany taught by Dr. Richard Evans Schultes, a leading expert in the people and plants of the Amazon.

Dr. Plotkin first traveled to the Amazon in 1977, seeking a cure for diabetes. There he found extraordinary biological riches and a mysterious world of shape-shifting shamans who healed with sophisticated plant medicines. Dr. Poltkin was to learn that these indigenous people have an astonishing ability to manage their fragile rainforest environment – but they are disappearing faster than the forests themselves. Could he save their world from extinction?

Beautifully filmed in the rainforests of Suriname, The Shaman’s Apprentice is a luminous and powerful story of one man’s quest to preserve both the rainforest and the ancient wisdom of our species.

FeaturingSusan Sarandon, Dr. Mark J. Plotkin