Sound Yoga

20041 hr, 19 mins

Nada yoga was originally only sung by priests in the temples as an act of worship. Internationally acclaimed teacher, vocalist and sound healer Shanti Shivani introduces you to the mystic practice of nada yoga (the yoga of sound). Nada yoga can induce a deep meditative state in the singer as well as the listener as a means of healing, empowerment and self-realization.

Drawing upon her extensive training and experience in the Dhrupad tradition, Shivani presents specific body movements and vocal techniques designed to free your natural voice, develop awareness of the breath and body, stimulate the innate healing potential and access the sacred within. These time-honored techniques clear the emotional body, balance the chakras, and enhance intuition. This practice can bring harmony to your body, mind and soul, so you can realize a new level of inner peace and health.