Spaceflight, Auto, Climate

S1:Ep1023 mins2008

The European Space Agency is working on its second automated transport vehicle. Last year, the first ATV, named Jules Verne, delivered supplies to the International Space Station. Carmakers represented at the recent Geneva Motorshow have been feeling the effects of the global international crisis. the twin pressures of recession and environmental concerns have lead to a focus on smaller, more energy efficient vehicles. Scientists at Monash University are developing a liquid scaffold that can be injected into the brain to help build neuron pathways in the case of Parkinson's disease or spinal cord injury. Extreme weather incidents, including floods and drought, may be symptomatic of climate change, and harnessing wind energy may be one way of reducing our carbon footprint. Also, we look at advances in angioplasty and some remarkable results from creating virtual body doubles.

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