The Viking Serpent

Reality TV: Exploring the Esoteric
S1:Ep91 hr, 12 mins2008Guest: Philip Gardiner, Harald Boehlke

Philip Gardiner takes us on a journey into Norway to meet author, Harald S. Boehlke who has uncovered an amazing mystery in the land of the Norse. Boeglke walks us through the process of how he discovered a massive pentagram stretching across Norway’s landscape. Together, they set off to explore the actual locations that make up the points of the pentagram.

Travel with us across a beautiful landscape, into the very heart of ancient serpent worship as we unravel the sacred language of our ancestors. Prepare to be stunned by the ramifications of this incredible find, and embark on a stunning, visual journey into a forgotten time and land.

Featuring: Philip Gardiner, Harald Boehlke
Video Language: English