What Ate My Mum? And Will It Eat Me?

47 mins2014

Cancer is a leading cause of death, responsible for about 13% of all deaths globally.In the developed world, it claims the life of about one in four people. According to the World Health Organisation, this figure will rise to one in three by 2020. Most of us, if not all of us, know someone close to us who has died from cancer. My mother died from the next wave of asbestos-related cancer sufferers - the DIY generation. This documentary is a global look at living a long and healthy life, but it is told through my intimate story of my own search to understand my mother’s death.

This is the journey of a son (Marcus) trying to understand his mother’s death from cancer and what can be learned to achieve a long and healthy disease-free life. If not everyone who breathes in asbestos dies from cancer, then what are the other factors that contribute to their demise.This story is not about pointing blame or finding a miracle cure for cancer, it’s about how we choose to live with consideration to environment, diet, exercise, lifestyle, attitude and how we cope with major life events.


Please be advised that although we feel there are important messages in this film, we also acknowledge that there may be conflicting ideologies that challenge beliefs. We like to encourage our viewers to do their own diligent research to determine which is the right approach for them as we regard nutrition and health as being highly individualized and not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.