White Sharks: On the Edge (of Extinction?)

26 mins1997

The white shark – more than any other living creature it injects fear into the human mind. The terrifying thought of dying in the jaws of "the perfect killing machine" has long been exploited by feature films, tabloid headlines and nature documentaries. Despite their notorious fame, we actually know very little about the white shark's existence, and in recent years there has been mounting concern these creatures are heading towards extinction.

In this documentary we join researchers who have the extremely difficult task of trying to predict and protect the future of "great whites" - they are large, dangerous predators, there aren't many of them, and they tend to congregate in the wildest and remotest waters; also governments rarely allocate money to study them. We travel to the Gulf of South Australia where one enterprising scientist, Ian Gordon, has set up an eco-tourism venture that allows him the opportunity to scientifically study the creatures.