The Young Girl and the Monkey

Living Cultures
S1:Ep1351 mins2009

Sokhun was once a famous dancer in Cambodia, but when the Khmer Rouge took over the country, all that came to an end. When a Khmer Rouge asked her what she did, she said she was a seamstress – but at night she went over the songs and dances in her head. Now, she teaches dance.

Dancing with the Royal Cambodian Ballet is every child’s dream. Famed for its graceful gestures and magnificent costumes, this classical dance was closely linked to the Khmer court for more than a thousand years. Today, Sre-Cha, the prettiest and most talented of Koun's students, dreams of performing as the White Apsara, the divinely beautiful dancer. Kmao, the mischievous boy from the slums, wants to dance as Hanuman, the white monkey, a hero for all Cambodian boys.

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