Desiree Rumbaugh

With a well-earned reputation for deepening even the most advanced practices, Desir�e Rumbaugh is an internationally recognized yoga teacher with more than twenty years experience.

As one of the first students and certified teachers of Anusara?s founder John Friend, her passion comes from a lifetime of experience with the most extremes of emotions and situations.

On first impression, Desir�e Rumbaugh teaches incredibly challenging practices. However, her sense of humor balanced with a quest for authenticity draws out the bright and shining light from within every student, no matter their level of yoga experience. With increased her compassion and a strengthened purpose of helping others, Rumbaugh has a unique ability to tap into a soft heart and vulnerable spaces to access wonderful poses. She is gifted with the ability to demonstrate some of the most difficult postures, and even more amazingly, getting students to experience the same sequences.

Desir�e Rumbaugh lives her passion for yoga every day. With an astoundingly full teaching schedule, traveling throughout the U.S. and abroad--most recently in India and Asia, she dedicates all of her teaching to her two children: her daughter, Jessica and her late son, Brandon. ?Thank you for teaching me how to love.?

Released in 2007, her DVD entitled Yoga to the Rescue is specially designed for those who have avoided yoga because of a lack of flexibility, low fitness level or chronic pain. Desir�e is also a contributor to Yoga Journal.


    Hip, Hip, Hooray! Video
    Hip, Hip, Hooray! (November 2014)
    14 minutes
    Join Desiree Rumbaugh and her student, Nicole, to learn some easy, great tips to release tension in the hips.
    Available worldwide
    Be Your Own Valentine Video
    Be Your Own Valentine (February 2014)
    58 minutes
    Breathe into the moment and follow Desiree Rumbaugh as you open your heart to your own true self. Take the one minute pose challenge, a change of pace from a flow practice, which requires a lot of staying power both mentally ...
    Available worldwide
    Get Lean, Get Healthy Video
    Get Lean, Get Healthy (January 2013)
    31 minutes
    Get ready to get healthy and lean. This instructional practice from Desiree Rumbaugh leads you at a fast pace through twists, arm balances, and a handful of inversions - all with the intention of bringing you deeper into each ...
    Available worldwide
    Progressive Backbend Step Four: Commitment Video
    Episode 4
    Progressive Backbend Step Four: Commitment (July 2014)Backbends - Progressive Series
    Episode 4
    , 47 minutes
    The fourth class in Desiree Rumbaugh's series is designed to bring you deeper into your practicing using the wall as a prop. Explore this opportunity to let go of deep tightness in the quadriceps and shoulders, a stronger ...
    Available worldwide
    No Separation Video
    No Separation (January 2014)
    57 minutes
    Take some time to join Desiree Rumbaugh for a slow and thoughtful journey inward. Amazing fact: it takes as much strength to open your hips as it does to do arm balances. Learn to love one legged poses as you increase your ...
    Available worldwide
    Water: Hip Openers to Set You Free Video
    Water: Hip Openers to Set You Free (August 2012)
    90 minutes
    Step into the flow with soothing hip openers and you will leave with more energy than you began with. This live class with Desiree Rumbaugh, filmed at Wanderlust Vermont, will unlock your lower back and hips so you can dance ...
    Available worldwide
    Wisdom Warriors: Something's Gotta Give Video
    Wisdom Warriors: Something's Gotta Give (October 2014)
    36 minutes
    Whatever it is that's blocking you or making you feel stressed out, hip openers can help you release it.
    Available worldwide
    Progressive Backbends Step Five: Wisdom of the Heart Video
    Episode 5
    Progressive Backbends Step Five: Wisdom of the Heart (July 2014)Backbends - Progressive Series
    Episode 5
    , 51 minutes
    This practice from Desiree Rumbaugh is the completion of our five part series, which puts it all together. Take notice of how much progress you have made, perhaps you may feel more open-hearted and courageous in your body, ...
    Available worldwide
    Wisdom Warriors: Becoming Real Video
    Wisdom Warriors: Becoming Real (August 2014)
    32 minutes
    Find relief for your neck and shoulders with these basic heart opening poses.
    Available worldwide
    Progressive Backbends Step Three: Non-Attachment Video
    Episode 3
    Progressive Backbends Step Three: Non-Attachment (July 2014)Backbends - Progressive Series
    Episode 3
    , 47 minutes
    This third class of Desiree Rumbaugh's progressive backbends series introduces the creative use of more props to help you target and open up your stiffer spots. Props are very useful for everyone as they offer us time to stay ...
    Available worldwide
    Progressive Backbends Step Two: Calm Mind, Awakened Heart Video
    Episode 2
    Progressive Backbends Step Two: Calm Mind, Awakened Heart (July 2014)Backbends - Progressive Series
    Episode 2
    , 47 minutes
    The second step in Desiree Rumbaugh's progressive backbends series, this sequence builds upon the first one with the addition of some strong basic standing poses, teaching you how to use the power of your leg muscles to help ...
    Available worldwide
    Air: Arm Balances that Defy Gravity Video
    Air: Arm Balances that Defy Gravity (September 2012)
    76 minutes
    If you feel earthbound when you try to do arm balances, this Wanderlust class is for you. There are secrets that every yoga enthusiast needs to know about getting lighter in arm balances and becoming fully airborne!
    Available worldwide

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    robertrgarcia, posted on May 28, 2016

    Joyous, wonderful and practical. Great teacher!

    elizabeth14, posted on April 7, 2016

    You are a wonderful teacher - full of love, laughter, patience and wisdom - as a relarive beginner II feel so empowered listening to you - you transmit your energy through your classes and make me want to do yoga. You are my go-to teacher. Thank you.

    clichy60, posted on December 19, 2014

    I recently veered off my usual Gaiam path to work on my back bends. I loved hearing Desiree's laugh...her sense of humor while getting her precise instruction in all made it fun. I still have a way to go before I can get up properly in my back bend..( my Arms are still bent)...but MS Rumbaugh's energy really makes me smile and pushes me to go the distance with her.

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