Kevan Gale

Known for his ability to make obscure poses easily attainable for even the most novice of students, Kevan Gale?s style of ?Fluid Yoga? classes are a dynamic manifestation of meditation through motion.

With the overall objective of motivating his students to live their lives to their maximum potential, Gale encourages finding wide-ranging internal happiness.

Kevan Gale has taught large-scale classes in Boston and New England locations, including the Wanderlust Festival, Vermont Yoga Festival, and Lululemon's Salutation Nation featuring 1000 yogis practicing on the Boston Common. He has been featured in the Emmy-Award winning news program WCVB-TV?s ?Chronicle,? as well as Boston and STUFF magazines. In 2011, Gale released his first intermediate/advanced instructional yoga DVD, featuring the music of world-renowned yogi and recording artist Donna De Lory. Gale is co-owner of Still Studio, a yoga sanctuary located in the Greater Boston area.


    Fluid Yoga Video
    Fluid Yoga (January 2012)
    59 minutes
    Intelligent by Design, Fluid by Nature. Fluid is a substance that continually flows under an applied stress; smooth, flowing, graceful. Fluid Yoga is not a style, it is a recognition of life as ever changing, flowing from ...
    Available worldwide
    Fluid Back and Hips Video
    Fluid Back and Hips (November 2013)
    59 minutes
    This class from Kevan Gale is a sixty minute vinyasa flow for yoga practitioners working on lotus, arm balances, and deep backbends. This class features poses such as eka pada koundinyasana (one leg sage), padmasana (lotus), ...
    Available worldwide
    Fluid Strength and Tone Video
    Fluid Strength and Tone (March 2012)
    58 minutes
    A 60-minute vinyasa flow class with Kevan Gale that focuses on building strength and toning the body.
    Available worldwide
    Fluid Hips Video
    Fluid Hips (March 2013)
    60 minutes
    Kevan Gale's Fluid Hips is a 60-minute vinyasa flow class for yoga practicioners who are comfortable with hip opening poses like the pigeon and agnistambhasana (firelog pose) and are interested in moving towards yogadandasana ...
    Available worldwide
    Intermediate Yoga: Intelligent By Design, Fluid By Nature Video
    Intermediate Yoga: Intelligent By Design, Fluid By Nature (April 2012)
    61 minutes
    Join Kevan Gale as he leads you through a challenging and inspiring Fluid Yoga advanced practice. Shot on location at the Decordova museum and featuring music by Donna De Lory, this practice is intended to provide both visual ...
    Available worldwide
    Fluid: Back to Bending Video
    Fluid: Back to Bending (October 2012)
    60 minutes
    In this 60 min advanced Fluid practice with Kevan Gale, we will delve into deep back openers. We begin by heating the body quickly through a standing fire sequence. The heat continues as we warm the spine and test our balance ...
    Available worldwide


    General Yoga
    September 25, 2012
    Arm balances and inversions are a fun part of yoga practice that will help to build strength, improve balance and increase mental focus. But what if you've never done an arm balance or have yet to master the inversion? Is there still hope?

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