4 Gates

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4 Gates

Kate Potter

This series with Kate Potter explores four different choreographed sequences titled Perseverance, Reverence, Exuberance, and Innocence – the 4 Gates. Each sequence, or Gate, in this series lends itself to movement which cues the brain, and reminds us of our deeper essence.

This signature style of Kate Potter is to build phrases of postures, by repeating the transitions and adding on new postures until a sequence is complete. Emphasis is on building patterns of movement with breath leading the way. By building and repeating the sequences, you build muscle memory and can bring more focus to your breath, rather than becoming too focused on the movement. These practices are designed in a way that you can come back to them over and over, and each time experiencing something new as your body moves focus.

Kate’s style lends itself to all body types, with a unique way of coming back to center, Kate refers to this as breath body linking. The breath body link is when you move in tandem with an easy expression that ties us all together like a chorus to a song. Kate brings you back to ‘home base’ in between repetition of the sequence, which allows you to regain focus and bring your attention back to your intention.

Enjoy this special series and experience how these sequences designed for opening different areas of the body can help you find the rhythm of breath and body in order to pass through those 4 Gates.

Episode List

A fluid and challenging vinyasa practice with Kate Potter, this practice will encourage opening of the mind and anchoring into the breath.
36 minutes
Open the Heart of the mind in this vinyasa class with Kate Potter. Kate pays reverence to each feature of the body, and metaphorically reaches for the Body of the world. This flow is not the usual signature style Kate teaches, as she has written words ...
34 minutes
This vinyasa class with Kate Potter ignites energy and enthusiasm in the body. In this practice, Kate's signature breath body link and creative sequencing builds the bridge between your heart and mind. Experience the freedom of letting go. This ...
33 minutes
This vinyasa class with Kate Potter is a playful, uninhibited string of postures that will make you a little tipsy. There is side to side action that challenges and builds ankle and feet strength. It is crucial to this practice to integrate the breath and ...
37 minutes

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manuelgarza, posted on February 19, 2016

I am totally in love with this series. I've practiced all the gates more than once. I've totally connected with the breath body link. There is a graceful ebb and flow of intensity throughout each gate that resonates with me and allows me to let go and open my heart center. Kate's voice with calm energy precisely guides me, I can almost do the practices with my eyes closed. The choreographed asana rhythms put me in a bliss zone, and after practice it's like there is an after zone effect. I love it.

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