Taming the Time Zone

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Taming the Time Zone

Andrea Marcum

The Taming the Time Zone series is Andrea Marcum's travel survival kit she uses when she travels… which, by the way, is a lot! When we travel, our internal clocks (circadian rhythms) are thrown all out of whack. You know, our old friend jetlag – a.k.a. vacay buzzkill… nodding off in the meeting and wide-awake at night. Symptoms like insomnia, daytime sleepiness, indigestion, poor concentration and irritability can last as long as a week. Taming the Time Zone includes morning and evening yoga practices and a treasure trove of Andrea's travel secrets.

And by the way, these Taming the Time Zone practices and tips are great even when you're just feeling like life has you traveling outside your comfort zone.

Episode List

Take a peak into Andrea's travel bag with this yoga talk. Andrea talks about the three things she doesn't leave for a trip without.
5 minutes
In this vinyasa practice with Andrea Marcum she uses movement to elevate your body temperature and increase blood flow, which help to feel more alert and vibrant.
43 minutes
In this yoga talk with Andrea Marcum, she discusses the benefits of adding peppermint oil to your morning practice. Not only is it invigorating and uplifting, it smells nice, too!
2 minutes
This restorative practice with Andrea Marcum is your nighttime wind down which encourages your “sleep drive” to acclimate to your new time zzzzzzzone. Candlelight and restorative postures cool your body temperature and calm you down. A dusting of yoga ...
47 minutes
In this yoga talk with Andrea Marcum she shares her secrets to using lavender oil to relax and renew. In addition to smelling amazing, lavender increases antioxidant protection and improves your mood. Lavender is incredibly calming, reduces stress and ...
2 minutes

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