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Aging and Attitude
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Outdoor Fitness: Aging and Attitude

Episode 36

Tina Vindum, the Outdoor Fitness coach, talks to Chris Crowley, Author of Younger Next Year, talks about the misconceptions of aging and how much control we really have over our quality of life, aging and attitude. Jack LaLanne comes back to the show to talk about exercising for life and eating for health. Tina’s tips for today are about the health benefits of walking on cobblestones, eating late at night, cortisol and fat in the abdomen, exercise as medicine, and preventing back pain.

Tina Vindum
Chris Crowley, Jack LaLanne


Episode 1 Triathletes and Retreats
Triathletes and Retreats (6/28/06)
Episode 1
Tina Vindum talks with Jayne Williams the author of Slow Fat Tiathlete, Colleen Cannon, the founder of Women’s Quest Fitness Retreats and Susan McDonald, director of Girl’s Force.
Episode 2 Chi Running
Chi Running (7/8/2006)
Episode 2
Tina Vindum talks with Danny Dreyer who is the author of Chi Running, Nutrition expert Dr. David Vitko and the author of Yoga for Golfers, Katherine Roberts.
Episode 3 Comedy and the Ironman
Comedy and the Ironman (7/15/06)
Episode 3
Tina Vindum talks with Marla Streb who is a bicycle racer, comedian and tackle football player, Jenny McNoltyand the father of the triathlon Dave Scott.
Episode 4 Overcoming Obstacles
Overcoming Obstacles (7/19/06)
Episode 4
Tina Vindum interviews Dr Lisa Young about portion control, athlete, author and coach Dr. Jim Taylor and Ian Adamson, the world’s best adventure racer.

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