Changing Perspective Video
Changing Perspective

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Changing Perspective

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This practice includes some challenging inversions. Practitioners should have some experience with inversions prior to this video. We suggest watching this video before practicing as alignment in inversions is critical.

Too often do we glamorize inversions and attach ourselves to just getting upside down. In this inversion practice with Troy Hadeed, Troy emphasizes not simply the posture but your relationship to the posture, what you can learn on the way there, and what you may have missed. Troy explains using a wall, props and where assistance may be needed. This practice begins with some warming sun salutations to get the body going, then moves on to stabilizing the core to get into 1-4 min holds of some basic, but powerful, inversions.


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patricia.v.montero, posted on August 16, 2015

Excellent practice, very clear, gentle and smooth class. Enjoyed it very much.
Thank you.

Natsch, posted on August 4, 2015

Thank you Troy your teaching has so much depth. Just listening to your explanation- why do we have to go up side down- yoga as its best.

Apanakhi, posted on August 5, 2015

Well said, Natsch,
Troy's considerate teaching leads us to a kind, gentle, and fully engaged practice. "Depth" is a god way to describe it.

SRosati, posted on August 4, 2015

Awesome instruction from Troy. Informative, supportive and loved the instruction on what to do once you're up there, upside down. Legs, lengthening, forearms, etc. Thanks Troy :-)

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