Open Your Heart with Greg Burdulis: Extending Loving Kindness Universally Video
Extending Loving Kindness Universally

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Open Your Heart with Greg Burdulis: Extending Loving Kindness Universally (2015)

Episode 4
Available worldwide

How do we move past our belief that we’re separate from others and from everything that is? This is an ancient and beloved practice called Metta Meditation. This meditation takes courage, dropping the armor of separation and opening our heart to the entire universe.

Greg Burdulis


Introduction to Open Your Heart Video
Episode 1 Introduction to Open Your Heart
Introduction to Open Your Heart (2015)
Episode 1
, 12 minutes
Greg Burdulis introduces the Open Your Heart meditation series.
Available worldwide
Developing Compassion for Oneself Video
Episode 2 Developing Compassion for Oneself
Developing Compassion for Oneself (2015)
Episode 2
, 22 minutes
Why is it so hard to develop loving kindness toward ourselves?
Available worldwide
Growing and Sustaining Positive Feelings Video
Episode 3 Growing and Sustaining Positive Feelings
Growing and Sustaining Positive Feelings (2015)
Episode 3
, 28 minutes
It’s time to dissolve perceived boundaries. As we all know, sometimes it’s difficult to stay vulnerable with challenging people or situations.
Available worldwide
Extending Loving Kindness Universally Video
Episode 4 Extending Loving Kindness Universally
Extending Loving Kindness Universally (2015)
Episode 4
, 23 minutes
How do we move past our belief that we’re separate from others and from everything that is?
Available worldwide

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kpikend, posted on August 16, 2016

Hi Greg,
Thanks for the Open Your Heart Meditation Series.
The difference it's made is amazing. At the 30 day mark I noticed a marked change in myself. I feel a calmness, a sureness about myself that has been lacking for most of my life. Releasing the shame has really been freeing. I feel much more open and accepting of others now, because I accept and love myself in a new way. It means so much to me to have a more centered mind and as I become more mindful I find I'm seeing things I ignored through mindlessness prior to. Thanks for sharing your gift with me.

JorgeC8, posted on July 10, 2016

The first video on Compassion for Oneselfs was profoundly moving, it brought me to tears when I truly discovered how the little boy in me was hidden so far in the back room, I experienced an amazing love a love that I was not aware it was even there ! Finally I connect with my own self, in a way that I felt complete. I can't find the words to thank Greg and Gaiam TV for being here. I can take the feelings of Openest and Love, but I'm having a little difficulty getting use to the new way my earthly body feels .. it use to feel this way when I was a small child in the highlands of my home Peru, fact is somewhere in my memory I can remember lots of things that all lead to this one meditation. I feel Blessed and destine to be here with you Greg, May you be Happy, May you be Healthy, May you be Safe, May You live a life with Ease .. All My Love ... Jorge Corrochano .. :

AngelaS69, posted on December 19, 2015

Dear Greg,
Days ago, I tried the open heart meditations you presented, one every day, and right from the very first one, an usual thing happened to me, which still I don´t know how to deal with it.

I felt and still feel, like my chest is so wide open, like a huge emptiness or space open in myself, like it could fit in the hole universe....and frankly I don´t know what to do with it... how to work with these.
Days have passed by and still my chest is so wide open beyond any explanation...tears surface easily as well as joy...and many more things are happening to me, which I would like to comment directly to you. My heart starts pumping agitated very easily... Lucky I have been a meditator for some years now...but this is such an openness experience... please do comment or if you please write to me I would really appreciate it. My mail is (all in small letters no capitals) thank you in advance....for your sharing and being. Angela

Gregory Burdulis, posted on January 4, 2016

Dear Angela,

Thank you for your comments and questions. I'll respond to some here then follow through your email address.

Mostly, I am happy for you because the openness you are experiencing is mostly good news. Part of what is happening is a new level of vulnerability. The degree of openness may be unfamiliar and the unfamiliar is often uncomfortable. It's important to know that discomfort in and of itself doesn't mean bad and it's not something to automatically avoid. In fact, unfamiliarity and discomfort can indicate that you are outside your comfort zone--which is where learning happens. Often discomfort and learning go together.

Increased vulnerability is similar. It means we are more easily touched, moved and sometimes hurt and wounded. This can be scary--especially when the negativity bias of the human brain kicks in because it imagines situations are worse than they actually are. That's what catastrophising is all about.

It may be helpful to imagine that a flower bud goes through a similar process. As it blossoms, it becomes more vulnerable to the elements and insects. At the same time it reveals its colors, scent and deep beauty--which is part of the process of the plant reproducing itself. The species depends on the flowering--and the vulnerability that comes with it. I propose that your life will be enriched and ultimately more fruitful as you become more open and more vulnerable.

It may take a while to get use to this new situation--just as it takes a caterpillar a while to accustom to her new butterfly wings. The end result is a transformed life.

May your life transform, like a flower bud, like a caterpillar. May your openness lead to greater depth, greater richness and greater connection with the world, including the rest of us.


sallielb, posted on December 11, 2015

After watching the intro, I followed the recommendation on looking up meditation for beginners. Ever item the article helped me to know that I was doing ok in my own mediation practices regardless of how frustrated I mind just would not be quiet and I was concerned that I just wasn't cut out for meditation. But, after the article, i was at ease. So, then I proceeded to watch and practice all three lessons in a single night and I must say, it was super helpful. Most of my meditations, at least lately, I've been trying to simply focus on the word LOVE, - keepin it simple. But, then my mind would wonder. I did not realize that the wondering off part was normal and it was ok and to just bring it back in. I know now, that in a little bit more time, I'll be able to keep this focus much easier by simply releasing this frustration and bringing my thought phrase or word back in and using the breath. All three of these have really given my meditation mind and heart a confidence booster to keep at it. THANK YOU!!!!

Gregory Burdulis, posted on January 4, 2016

Dear Sallielb,

I am so impressed with the way you used the resources available to learn one of the most important and vital lessons of meditation!

The insight that noticing and releasing frustration is key--to focussing--and to living more happily and peacefully. Meditation is like intensive practice for this insight and skill. It will change the trajectory of your life.

You are so welcome. I am so glad you found benefit from our work.


rocky, posted on November 4, 2015

All of these are just wonderful. So elegant and simple. They calm me. Thank you so much!

Gregory Burdulis, posted on January 4, 2016

Dear Rocky,

You are welcome.

We are so glad the series are accessible to you...and effective at calming you.

May your practice continue to enrich your sense of joy, calm and possibility.


mghearttoheart, posted on October 27, 2015

Loved it!!! So helpful. Thank you, and bless you

Gregory Burdulis, posted on January 4, 2016

Dear MG,

Thank you for your warm feedback.

We are so happy our work has touched and benefited you.

With great warmth,

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