The One Goal: Ascension Video
The One Goal: Ascension

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The One Goal: Ascension

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A powerful introduction to the Rainbow Body ascension teaching, with instructional practices to help you experience greater wholeness and holiness – a mini-empowerment workshop. The presentation includes tips for bridging the gap of disbelief; overcoming fear and breaking through to the higher levels of life; and uniting your inner male and female around the One Goal.

People have all kinds of goals, from the simple to the difficult. Ultimately, however, one goal supersedes all goals and also helps fulfill all of them. That is the goal of wholeness and holiness; perfection and angelifications. If wholeness, holiness is not your one goal, then what is? If a human can transform into an angel or illuminated being why do we resist this transformation? How can we tap into the powers of the light body?

Through his personal consultations and research, William Henry has helped thousands of people go beyond their perceived limits and live a fuller, richer life. In this video, the premise is that if perfection (wholeness/holiness) is our goal it transcends, transforms and raises all other goals.

William Henry

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undeadboy, posted on September 10, 2016

It can be possible that the aliens of higher dimensions that can go to high dimensions or materialize a body at will did the rainbow body ?? (sorry if my english is bad not my first language) very very interesting video it gave me a lot of insights thank you !!

lindaedwards888, posted on June 16, 2016

William Henry...your are a storehouse of TREASURES! Thank you for helping us SEE THE LIGHT! :)

SpirituallyE27, posted on June 10, 2016

I feel like I've already reached the level of 270 for many reasons. But I'm not stopping there. I discovered and found out that while watching this now, especially at the pinnacle of 333AM, Jun 10, 2016, I was given this very same information back in 2007, 2008, 2009, and especially on 2010. It spiked and reached a peak during 2011, at 11/11/11. I've been living and experiencing true spherical time since. But just because I've already maintained and sustained the frequency, level, density, and daily mystical experiences at 270-277, I will make another new list. Synchronistically, I made these exact lists William Henry describes during those years of 2008 to 2010 and once again in 2011 to 2014. I accomplished nearly everything on those list. What prooved to me spherical/cyclical time was in action here, is the fact he used the analogy of the crystal bowl. I received a brand new crystal bowl on 12/12/12 and I was informed of nearly that exact same thing William Henry's analogy was describing through the messages of my Higher Self.

Its very possible for all of you to achieve your goals and accomplish everything on your list. It wasn't extremely hard, but it wasn't totally easy either. Continuous Cosmic Challenges, Epiphanies, and Rewards kept happening, manifesting, and occuring. I've been an initiate in several mystery schools too, so I had a head start in this kind of knowledge and wisdom. But I'm not ending here.

You can say, I've achieved part or much more than I realize, the rainbow light body, several times over. Ive experienced innumerable signs and amazing epiphanies non stop. Just the other day, in the last 2 weeks, when I was energetically vibing and spiritually raising into a higher frequency/greater conscious, as it was thundering/lightening (raining outside) all in such a way that the ground and house was rumbling. As this occurred, I asked for the clouds to be parted, the greatest of suns to appear, and show me a sign. Sure enough, the sun came out and giant rainbow appeared several miles away. It was transparent, as it appeared further away, it also looked like it was right up in front of my face.

Soon again, I will make, create, and meditate on divinely devising and ascendantly alchemizing a new, improved, and better list of aspirations, goals, inspirations, dreams, and accomplishments. I will rewatch this video again. Not only will I make the list for myself, but I will find a way where I can make it for the America's and the whole world. Seeing, believing, and knowing that the SuperConsciousness of humanity as a greater collective species can, will, and shall achieve those higher evolutionary steps, manifesting those benevolent goals, and fulfilling all those greater aspirations too. I will devote part of this new list to creating a New Divine Government for America and the world. One in which we are united with our Galactic Star Family and Cosmic Disclosure happens in an accelerated, nearly overnight miraculous experience.

Thank you "yet again" and So Much Appreciation
Many lifetimes over Cosmic Brethren "William Henry"!

rstofflett, posted on June 9, 2016

The imagery on this deck resonate with me. Which deck is this?

monsterhippy1, posted on June 7, 2016

Giaia is supposed to have a series of his called The Awakened Soul but I can not find it anywhere!
I am very interested in anything to do with soul work.

Paige.K@GAIA, posted on June 9, 2016

William Henry's new season of Arcanum: The Awakened Soul premieres today! You can watch the first episode here.



robtoemik, posted on June 7, 2016

This is very eloquently offered!
It's been said that only a True expert on a thing can break it down into it's simplest terms. I feel that it has been adequately accomplished here! A lot of esoteric concepts I've had trouble with for years became suddenly understandable!
Thank you!

patandsandyg, posted on June 7, 2016

What a tremendous teaching! Thank you so much for presenting this information in a concise and very informative way!

yfedorsha, posted on May 2, 2016

I think this is what I been looking for all my life ....Thank you Thank you Thank you ....Do you have anymore of this lectures on Gaia tv ???

fargenbros, posted on April 17, 2016

William I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation, I too was not initially turned on by the visual format but soon saw its utility and value. you managed to tackle some rather complex aspects of spiritual challenges, and distill them into rather easy to understand methods of achieving ascension. The use of Tarot I think was brilliant to convey these challenges, and analogous of what we need to do to raise our vibe. Thank you for your efforts, I made some very good distinctions and intend to take your advised approach to my own journey.

susana.villena, posted on April 15, 2016

Excellent! At the beginning I was a bit put off by the format, but in fact once I really started listening to what William Henry has to say I found it very inspiring and clear. I´m doing the things in my list and I can already feel the difference.

drow767, posted on April 14, 2016

William Henry you are wonderful educator and a treasure chest full of Sacred Teachings. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Loved that your discussion included the Tarot and the analogy of the Singing Bowls was lovely as well. Keep up the wonderful work. It is so important at this time of awakening to balance the "outside" information with the "inner". Once we embrace this journey from a Spiritual perspective, fear can be given it's own set of butterfly wings. Fly away. Fly away. LOL. Thank you.

carolynblume, posted on April 12, 2016

Many, many thanks, William Henry. This presentation struck me as one of the most helpful, positive ideas in a long time.
We feel depressed oftentimes, as if we are far, far away from ascension. And here, thanks to you, William Henry, we have a
possible path, crack in the door, with light coming through, to speed us along the way. Sincerely, Carolyn, April 12, 2016

jhershierra, posted on April 11, 2016

William, I enjoyed very much your lecture on Ascension. Very good points were made and many encouraging concepts.
Thank you so much for making this movie

HUGS!! Jhershierra

kardomirza, posted on April 10, 2016

Wow! Just Wow! God Bless your Soul man

luccaflorenzanoranoya, posted on April 8, 2016

Thank you very much William, it's a well thought process, that open us up to other possibilities
A new age is coming and I feel glad to share this moment with you; much movement is being made and much transformation is happening
Possibilities - Process/transmutation/experiences - Coming to being
We choose

dbgate, posted on April 7, 2016

First, really like where you are going with this line of thought, William. It coincides with well with this time. Unfortunately, I always find a bit of a twist here and there with your intepretations. You are probably right, being the expert and all, but I can't help but offer what "came to me" when I saw the card.
An alternative explanation of the male/female "dancers" on the cliff. imo, in the tarot "the cliff" generally means "into the unknown". This is where the female/intuitive self is the better leader. I see the male self as trying to push the female self "off the cliff" or into the unknown. It is as if the male self says "well, I got all the facts, hon, and we are still stuck here, so ... off we go into the unknown. Let me know what you come up with. . ," The female self is resisting, not being a great risk taker or one to push the envelope on the status quo. It is a fight that pretty much everyone in this world struggles with . . . and well represents the dilemna/choice of our time.

CosmicCharly, posted on April 6, 2016

I always enjoy your shows and lectures/teachings William! always the reminders to stay on track...
thank you, Charly

Evangeline, posted on April 6, 2016

Dear Henry,
I have been following your work for a long time and this was such a wonderful synthesis of what can be very complicated ideas. The depth,clarity and beauty of your presentation is brilliant. I have rarely ever left a comment anywhere on the internet but you deserve a standing ovation for this. So many people keep telling me they hope this is their last life. Oprah said just this recently online.
Thanks for lighting the way.


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