Pissed Off? Release It Video
Pissed Off? Release It

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Pissed Off? Release It

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Anger is a normal emotion, but we have learned many ways to stuff it down. Unfortunately this hasn't made it go away - it has blocked our joy. In this class Hemalyaa Behl provides tools to release anger in a healthy, responsible way. In this fun environment, Hemalayaa shows us playful "tantrums" to clear our blocks and create more freedom in our lives. Try it, we bet you'll use it often!

Live music by Marla Leigh Goldstein and David Vito Gregoli.


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Lizziebee53, posted on October 5, 2016

This practice is a gift to the world. Deep deep gratitude to you. xoxo

Stefana01, posted on July 14, 2015

I keep coming back to this. I'm healing a lot of physical and emotional pain and this is totally doable for me, and the release is absolutely amazing. I will continue to come back to this video when I have that heavy weight in my stomach, it just brings me back to life. Thank you so much for this , I really enjoy the sound vibration I'm finding out, even outside of yoga it's prooving to soothe and release when dis-ease arises. What a fantastic video! My kid Love to giggle at me when it's time for the release, they run around screaming and laughing and jumping, JOY Everywhere :) Gaiamtv, I appreciate this space.

NadineF, posted on March 20, 2015

I'm doing a detox and woke up with a lot of anger. It's always a challenge to let go of the really old, icky stuff, and this is a great tool for doing just that. Fun, too! I found some real laughter inside toward the end, and I feel so much better now!

irmaeh, posted on January 28, 2015

I love this! Great for an end of day release!

ayami, posted on October 3, 2014

You made me feel really fun! Thank you :)

Arichaschmerica, posted on September 18, 2014

Tangible and encouraging!

Kjr, posted on August 9, 2014

Great time...wanderlust whistler 2014, I was the guy inthralled with your presences, in your last class, from the Columbia Gorge. Well I told everyone Hemalayaa was my 61 teacher and she was wonderful. Wow what a trip! You captured everyone in the room with a life event they will never forget! You're just Great, thanks so much!

paocev, posted on June 27, 2014

Love it!!!!

YogaHypno, posted on June 25, 2014

Great fun to get the day started and lighten the load - thanks

lucgoo, posted on April 27, 2014

All I can say is that I loved this practice!!!

colelinton, posted on October 20, 2013

thank you hemalayaa! your are an inspiration and diva! much love,

RubyDiamond, posted on October 13, 2013

I enjoyed every second of this practice yesterday - I released all the bad energy from all toxic media news & it's effect - freedom is in the extent we move our bodies & the regular contact we make with nature - Thanks Hemalayaa - Peace & Freedom!

lett1ngg0n0w, posted on September 21, 2013

I love this practice. I always start out feeling really weird, but after I just let go and give in, I always feel so much better. Thank you for thinking and being so outside the box. I really appreciate it!

ayami, posted on September 21, 2013

Yes, I will be back to this practice. I really need release my anger!

joycenteryoga, posted on September 14, 2013

Just what the doctor ordered. So freeing to let the anger go then play! Thanks, Himalayaa!

Nidette, posted on September 13, 2013

waw! what a release!!! THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!

hope4ul67, posted on September 6, 2013

Amazing! I was skeptical at first. Once I started the laughter it turned into real laughter. Thank you for this video.
Toronto, Canada

ginabrat, posted on August 13, 2013

Wonderful ! I released plenty of toxins. thank you so much for the realness you bring. I felt it was okay to let go so I can gain more of me :)

akreger09, posted on August 8, 2013

thank you so much! wow! what a release... toward the end when we were laughing I started laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my cheeks! thanx again! bless you :)

draperpamela, posted on July 9, 2013

WOW!!! i am so, so grateful for this video. I didn't know yoga could do that. I am truly in awe of my body right now. Thank you so much!

QuietWinds, posted on June 21, 2013

I loved this class - thank you for helping me heal. Light to you.

vavava, posted on May 30, 2013

Fantastic! My daughter and i have loved it!

brri, posted on May 30, 2013

I love this video! Thank you so much. Feeling like myself again in only 20 minutes after about 24 hours of anger. Thank you!!

DSReskin, posted on May 14, 2013

I was feeling like a mess and this class really helped clean me up. Namaste

riddochs, posted on April 19, 2013

felt a bit weird and the dogs wondered what was happening but it really worked and feel much more at peace now than 20 mins ago

adnamaknits, posted on March 27, 2013

what a great release.. not even of just anger but just life...!
my dog was scared by all the stomping and ran out of the room.. by the end laughing segment she came running back and sat beside me waging her tail - laughing herself!
great thank you!

dpcssn, posted on March 27, 2013

I am working through anxiety and depression and this video was a great release of those pent up emotions. This is a great complement to the restorative classes I usually do. Thank you so much - Namaste

lbaxandall, posted on March 25, 2013

This was so ridiculous, I loved it. I was laughing and crying by the end. Thank you!

samsvastha, posted on March 24, 2013

Emotional integration is something that, I believe, needs to be welcomed into yoga practice. I concur with Hemalayaa's idea that emotions need release rather than be 'smoothed over''. Emotional release is natural and healthy. Hope to see more practices like this on this site.

Solara, posted on March 22, 2013

What a great release....shared the class with my daughter and it was wonderful. Really do feel lighter, happier, more gratitude and peace. Thank you so much! You are so much fun!

sleepyenglishtea, posted on March 21, 2013

Simply Amazing! Love this video and all your videos!!!

tinesand, posted on March 21, 2013

Exactly what I needed. I felt the anger, laughter and sadness flushing out of me...and underneath all that I found peace. Thank you Hemalayaa. You're my Guru with a big G ;)

lisacrisp, posted on March 21, 2013

AWESOME! I am going to share this with my patients.

Ronda_2, posted on March 20, 2013

My kids thought it was a riot to watch mom and I felt so much better after. Thank you

Hippiechickbarbie70, posted on March 20, 2013

Lol love this! Great way to get all that pent up heavy emotion out :-) thank you!

iamaglow, posted on March 20, 2013

Been having a really frustrating week and am grateful for this video.

cherry22, posted on March 19, 2013

thaks i love the exercise it was great i didn't feel upset or angry at the begining, but at the end i felt like i was truly relaxed, more light weighted in my mood...

flyravenfly, posted on March 19, 2013

Thank you Hemalayaa! I've been looking for something like this for awhile. Everyone gets angry and its nice to have a guide to get it out. I'm smiling now :-) Great way to get myself back on track.

Schokopizza, posted on March 19, 2013

saw this just online. not a second too late. thank you.

lexisnow, posted on March 18, 2013

that video, and you, were exactly what I needed at that exact moment. Thank you

GemstoneCove, posted on March 18, 2013

Thank you :)

aspooner, posted on March 18, 2013

so helpful, thanks!! wish we all learned from an early age how to transform our anger/frustration through creative expression, love it!

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