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Redefine Relax

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Redefine Relax

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In this vinyasa practice, Mary Clare Sweet will show you how the nervous system is the best employee in your body. You are the CEO of YOU and this class will give you a masters in self management. Allow yoga to become your tool to inducing relaxation in the body.

Props: block, blanket

Featuring music by Kevin Paris.


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lizyorke, posted on December 23, 2015

Your practises are always so moving and insightful, more than once have brought me to tears. Thank you for this, MC! Much love!

tzachary, posted on November 9, 2015

Such a beautiful beautiful practice. You have a beautiful spirit and it shines through on all of us who practice with you...just beautiful. A physical and mental treat! Big hugz!!

blissence, posted on November 6, 2015

That was an awesome amazing class..... thankyou so much for enabling in me such peace and divine flow..... Thankyou so much Mary Clare, Sooo much gratitude ....Namaste

maryclaresweet, posted on November 6, 2015

dear blissence, thank you so much for your kind words. they are very much appreciated in my heart!!! I put a lot of soul and light into this class. I am glad you felt it. Go out and share it my yogi!!!
ps, i love your username!

NamasteShanti, posted on October 7, 2015

I have been working through something, and wasn't going to get up and make my way to my mat for the second day, but I gathered up my heart and logged in thinking I'd find something to really move my body and sweat, and I found this session, chose it, and thought for a moment "this isn't what I was looking for today", but I stuck with it and found it was exactly what I needed. I am grateful for this practice you shared. Namaste

maryclaresweet, posted on November 6, 2015

dear namasteshanti, i just love when that happens. i hope that this weekend you are able to relax a bit.
sending love!

jkimpton, posted on September 17, 2015

Thank you for such a wonderful wind down to my day. It was just what I needed. I keep coming back to this practice again and again as I do with many of your teachings. You are a wonderful teacher with a great spirit. Blessings.

maryclaresweet, posted on November 6, 2015

dear J,
thank you so much for your kind words. i love this world wide web of LOVE + PEACE that gaia has allowed us to connect on. sending you love and peace for the weekend.

Mindypalmer, posted on August 7, 2015

Love, love, LOVE this class! Beautiful sequence and excellent instruction & teaching. This will definitely be one I go back to again and again. Thanks so much Mary Clare!!

maryclaresweet, posted on November 6, 2015

dear Mindy,
so glad to hear you connected with the practice. i love my saved classes that i can always rely on. grateful that this is one for you! sending love and peace for the weekend!

keratsu, posted on August 7, 2015

Love to try this practice as it's got so many positive review.

srock32, posted on August 1, 2015

A lot of the things you were saying really resonated with me, particularly about comparing myself to not others but a different version of myself, actually brought me to tears. It was a very emotional practice but in a good way, really opened me up both spiritually and physically. Gave me much to think about and to attempt to accept about who I am. Namaste

maryclaresweet, posted on November 6, 2015

Dear S,
I am so glad to hear that you experienced a personal transformation. Letting those old belief systems RELEASE is so important to our evolution to our true selves. Your truest self is the most beautiful, generous, thing you can offer to the world. Thank you!

harrydaley, posted on July 31, 2015

Thank you for sharing your yoga. Its amazing that your positive energy is captured even in a video...and the benefit is multiplied.

fimckz, posted on July 30, 2015

Ugh, sooooooooo good. Great physical feeling, great mental feeling. Thanks MC xxx

OneLove2002, posted on July 28, 2015

A beautiful practice, nourishing body and spirit. Thank you. Namaste.

ValgalinCal, posted on July 28, 2015

You are a great instructor and teacher! I want to watch over again to jot down some of the wonderful thoughts and practices you have shared. Your entire demeanor is very warm. I feel renewed and have something new to practice and be mindful about. Thank-you!

rockerbraut, posted on July 28, 2015

I felt tired and old and disliked my legs when I started- and I could let go so much during the practice. My heart burst open during meditation and I could tell the little traumatized girl in me that it's safe now. Thank you so much Mary Clare!

jchokain7yoga, posted on July 28, 2015

Really skillful dharma talk on the conscious/subconscious mind using the analogy of the waves and ocean bed. Really appreciated the encouragements to be able to reprogram the subconscious mind through meditation and asana as well as the reminder that all that we are striving to be, we are that. I feel much more calm, relaxed and stronger after the practice. Thank you Mary Clare! You are an inspiration! Namaste.

Mira33, posted on July 28, 2015

Just what I needed! Thank You!

ADT, posted on July 27, 2015

The most enjoyable class I have ever taken on Gaiam TV.

sdo210, posted on July 27, 2015

A rare gem of a yoga practice.

Difficult to find online yoga videos geared towards relaxation and incorporating the subconscious. REALLY amazing yoga practice. I will keep doing this one for a long time. Thank you. :)

karen.green65, posted on July 25, 2015

I don't normally comment on practice but today was very special. I felt terrible emotionally and physically when I started and I felt totally relaxed and envigorated by the end of it - bless you Mary Clare you have a rare talent. Namaste x

brendasant32, posted on July 25, 2015

I love this practice. I totally relaxed me and helped with my spine. My back especially lower back is very tight. This practice opened me up and I loved your meditation. Must have on my playlist. Thank you!!!

Jamfell, posted on July 24, 2015

There is something special about this yoga practice and the meditation that follows. I haven't ever felt so relaxed, joyful and present before. This was magical! Thank you Mary Clare Sweet!

calijem, posted on July 24, 2015

I agree with Natsch. Brought tears to my eyes during meditation. Loved the sequence. Thank you!

jkimpton, posted on July 24, 2015

Loved this practice. Thank you so much, exactly what I needed this morning. Another one to add to my favs

Natsch, posted on July 24, 2015

Thank you Mary Clare your class brought tears to my eyes - releasing what's not needed any more. Beautiful teaching

yogini73, posted on July 23, 2015

Loved this! The sequencing was fabulous and Mary Clare's anecdotes where just perfect. Just what I needed after a brutal week at work. Thank you!

yogini73, posted on July 23, 2015

I truly enjoyed this sequence and Mary Claire's insight throughout the class. This is just what I needed after a brutal week at work. Thank you.

hnarnold, posted on July 23, 2015

thank you. so needed now.

Missi_B, posted on July 23, 2015

So so beautiful!
Feel just great.
Thank you sweet MCSweet.
And thank you also to Kevin Paris - made it even greater.

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