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4 Gates: Reverence

Episode 2
Available worldwide

Open the heart of the mind in this vinyasa class with Kate Potter. Kate pays reverence to each feature of the body, and metaphorically reaches for the Body of the world. This flow is not the usual signature style Kate teaches, as she has written words to accompany the "movement prayer" she has created.

Featuring music by Kevin Paris.



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ahodrie, posted on June 30, 2016

Not too hard, not too easy! Just challenging enough for getting back into practice after 2 months of not practicing consistently.
Practicing yoga for 10 years, so i didnt find this practice crazy hard at all. Really doable for any intermediate yogis and i would think a good challenge for begginers :-) THANKS!

katepotter, posted on June 30, 2016

Thanks for your comment and I do hope for you now that you can keep it up and stay on a Yoga track for the long haul. Best, Kate

katepotter, posted on March 22, 2016

This is truly a blessing to hear. Soon I am teaching a workshop on Creativity and Freedom in Yoga in FL, and am always appreciative to hear peoples feedback and understanding pre- workshop. i have the music which I wrote and can easily share a drop box link if you are interested. Send your email? Otherwise just keep in touch . Thanks to you. Kate

veda, posted on March 19, 2016

Thank you, Kate, for a wonderful flow and words that brought a joyful thanks to my morning! I appreciate your "style," and found that in this practice, yet your willingness to find freedom in your expression is always refreshing and welcome, this practice in particular provided that! Always, gratitude, for your teachings!

lgeonie, posted on January 5, 2016

This was so different but I'm trying to expand my horizons every morning with different yoga routines. I felt so wobbly and awkward! This one will take a while before I get it!

katepotter, posted on January 5, 2016

Yes my style is different at the best of times but especially this particular sequence. I hope you try some of my other sequences which may suit you more. THIS ONE has a piece of music I have written to it and soon soon I will post the you tube version of me playing it on my guitar. thanks for your practice and your distinct effort!


gesinej, posted on November 27, 2015

Dear Kate, thank you for the hint!:) Yes, I would like to learn it, I will definitely give it a try. I find singing very liberating and the song is a nice and deep prayer.

Best wishes

gesinej, posted on November 24, 2015

Dear Kate,
I find it very courageous that you shared such a personal creation of the movement and prayer. I loved the creativity of it and I am looking forward to the following three classes. Also the relaxation was very nice and I appreciated the idea of going deep inside of the body. Thank you very much!:)

katepotter, posted on November 26, 2015

Dear Gesine,

Today I taught the song Reverence to a woman in New Jersey on Skype, and it was so sweet. I will post a version of me singing the song on youtube in case you would like to learn it. There is nothing quite like singing and moving....but yes it is an act of faith stepping out of the yoga norms. I have being doing Yoga since I was 10 and actually feel like I am 10 sometimes when I sing. Keeps me bold . Thanks for your comment.



Apanakhi, posted on November 22, 2015

I practiced with you before calling an elderly long time friend who has just lost her husband--people who have meant much to me for forty years. I cried as you led us through your beautiful reverent practice of life, belonging, and connecting. Now I'm ready to make that call. Thank you.

katepotter, posted on November 26, 2015

Thank you so much for your practice.

It means a great deal to me to see that people are understanding how deep our nature runs together. Connecting with you and through you to your friend is a testament to that . Thanks for letting me know. Best to you in your practice,

XXO, Kate

EliseWach, posted on November 19, 2015

What a nourishing, grounding, cleansing practice. Thank you so much. I actually rewound to do the song sequence twice because I loved it so much. Thank you for breaking out of the norm to post this video and I hope you consider offering more of this. xxx

katepotter, posted on November 20, 2015

Dear Nourished,

I only wish I had been bold enough to post the music for it....me on my guitar. When I practice this piece I actually sing the prayer out loud, and boy does it ever make a difference. Thanks for seeing me and understanding it is a risk to be different.

Love, Kate

caitlinmcconnell, posted on November 18, 2015

Absolutely amazing. It was healing, grounding and energizing all at the same time. Kate Potter you are an amazing healer and yogi!!! So magical <3

If I come to Vancouver this winter I hope we will cross paths.


katepotter, posted on November 20, 2015

Dear Caitlin,

Absolutely look me up in Vancouver or on one of my weekend workshops in TX, FL or WI posted on my website. www.katepotteryoga.ca. I really appreciate your comment here. The sequence is part of a 4 part teaching. The other pieces are Innocence, Exuberance and Perseverance, which should be posted at some point in totality.

Thanks again,


alilemaitre, posted on November 18, 2015

Beautiful idea, and would be a beautiful practice if you knew the sequence by heart, but I found myself needing to watch the screen rather than 'be' in my practice. Would be more helpful if she said the poses rather than the words to the song... I do enjoy this teacher though...maybe if you practice it a bunch of times you get the hang of it??

katepotter, posted on November 18, 2015

Thanks so for your comment.

I am sure you would get the hang of it if you did do it a few times, but to be honest, I believe the power of this practice is just in the ability to see we as Yoga practitioners and teachers can take our practice in any direction we need to express creativity. This is one of a hundred sequences I have made over the years but the very first to have written both words and music to. Perhaps my message is just this....do not be afraid to be different. Do not be afraid to step out and try things in an new way......

And yes could for sure have better cuing!

OrlandoTerp, posted on November 17, 2015

The former modern dancer in me is so happy right now. Wonderful. Thank you.

katepotter, posted on November 18, 2015

So you must totally relate to your feet as a blessing beyond blessings.... what other people see or sing , you want to dance? Sweet of you to comment. I knew it was a risk putting this one in my collection for GAIAM.



thewests, posted on November 14, 2015

wow, didn't know what to expect with this class but was captivated by the practice and feel grounded and full. I feel if I did it a few more times I'll get the hang of the sequence, but it is beautifully put together and such a divine prayer to the magic of our bodies. Kate is amazing. Namaste

katepotter, posted on November 18, 2015

Dear Heart,

I really appreciate that you get this! It is exactly that and how I wish you could hear the music I wrote for it. I feel so strongly about Yoga being a way to reach out to those who are in conversation with their creative voice. I will always be a beginner when it comes to letting the work express through me what I truly feel. That is a good thing to know. Much love to you and stay with me for many more sequences coming soon.


kristinbartley, posted on November 14, 2015

Kate Potter is the most innovative teacher! She understands that the body and breathe are art, are music, are prayer. I thank you, Gaiam, from the bottom of my heart for showcasing Kate. She is singular. This practice is magical. This is the single most innovative practice I have ever seen.

katepotter, posted on November 18, 2015

How wonderful that you understand the whole of it. Wow. Cool. As I said in some of my other comments, it is most important to be able to express creativity. Imagination is so undervalued. One teacher of mine taught me that if you do a personal practice everyday, then you are absolutely in your rights to use the Yoga practice as expression in any way that may unfold. And so I pass the torch and say to students and teachers. Be bold. Be open to deep body wisdom. Don't be afraid if it does not look like the others.

I feel much encouraged, and appreciated .

In gratitude,


jelli444, posted on November 13, 2015

what a beautiful piece of your heart! much reverence for your work, kate. beyond gifted, you are~

katepotter, posted on November 18, 2015

I only wish I could play the piece for you on my guitar or my mandolin. It is the most gentle rhythmic song, and one of the first I ever wrote.

Thanks for this post.

Cups running over.

Lynnpell, posted on November 12, 2015

This is what I was looking for today ~ from the shelf of my Emerald Heart, I honour & bow to the beautiful Spirit in you / Namaste

katepotter, posted on November 18, 2015

Good good. You know with all the terrible news in the world, one must keep reminding ourselves, we are peaceful, we are thankful and we are grounded in this very body and breath. I wish for you years and years of creative practice.

With heart,


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