Spring Cleansing Cooking Class Video
Spring Cleansing Cooking Class

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Spring Cleansing Cooking Class (April 2012)

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Springtime is near! New shoots and sprouts are breaking through the soil. We are beginning to get glimpses of sunshine! Are your thoughts turning towards cleansing? Did you know that springtime is the best time to rid your body of toxins and ‘winter build-up’? By eating seasonally, we gently cleanse our bodies of excess.

In this class with Andrea Potter from ROoted Nutrition, learn:

Why cleanse? And is cleansing right for me? How to cleanse safely through food! Which foods are cleansing, especially of the liver.

Some tasty recipes to include in your personalized cleansing program:

Love your liver salad Fermented beet tonic Kitchari Stinging nettle soup!

Andrea Potter

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klovermoon, posted on September 8, 2014

Thank you so much for this show! This is so much more than a cooking class! I love that you are so well versed in not just foods, but "ancient wisdom" of foods, and a variety of other cultures. We all need more culture! I thought I knew a lot about this stuff, but I have learned so much new stuff. Thank you for that.

andreapotter, posted on May 1, 2012

I sure would use kale or spinach in lieu of nettles: ) I use nettles like a super-powered spinach when it is around. On pizza, for making pesto, in casseroles... lots of possibilities! If I am using kale I just cook it for a couple of minutes linger to soften it more. The measure of a good cook is to be able to creatively use what's fresh and available, not to follow a recipe exactly, so you got it! Any cooking green works.

tracyc1, posted on April 30, 2012

Loved this class...can we use spinach or kale in lieu of the nettles if not available ? Thank you

yogajaz, posted on April 20, 2012

excellent information thanks - taking notes to put into practice.

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