Tru2Form  Urban Heat Hip Hop Video
Tru2Form Urban Heat Hip Hop

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Tru2Form Urban Heat Hip Hop

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Urban Heat is just the right combination of attitude, street style, and easy to follow dance steps you won t even realize that you've just spent the past half hour getting a total body workout! This series of dance inspired cardio routines will have all your friends wanting to know where you learned them and how you look so good!

Gloria Araya-Quinlin
Gloria Araya-Quinlin

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n.port, posted on December 19, 2013

This is more for advanced, I enjoyed it very much it was good

Avinja, posted on February 16, 2013

Gloria is a fresh instructior and the steps are veriety and nice. But the camera lefts to often to the upper bodys from the ladys behind Gloria, when she shown difficult steps for the feet. So, it´s very difficult for me to follow the steps and in the middle of the video I loose my motivation to go on .... the camera lefts to fast and to not relevant regions for the dance wich ensure that I loose to often my concentration.

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