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Yoga for Everyone

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Yoga for Everyone

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This is an all levels class with Mark Whitwell that brings you back to the basics of yoga. Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for a lifetime, join master teacher Mark Whitwell in this informative and fundamental hatha yoga class. In this class you will work through some basic pranayam techniques, flow through several sun salutations and learn to join chanting, breath and movement. Learn to apply breath and bandha efficiently to produce a powerful practice that is right for you.

Contraindicaitons: If you are pregnant, do not do twists or inversions.


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gypsygranny, posted on February 6, 2016

Loved it all - the lightness of his approach, the depth of the teachings - perfect balance of sthira and sukha. Thank You!

lilalila1972, posted on November 29, 2014

A Real Yoga teacher, At Last.

mamove, posted on September 14, 2014

Deep reverence! Thank you for these teachings!

cathykenworthy, posted on March 8, 2014

I have been practicing yoga for two years. Recently, I have become extremely lazy "maybe" getting through half a class. Going backwards sometimes is going forwards. Today I went back to the basics; beginner yoga. Not for the yoga but for the discipline of completing a practice, yoga is my reward. It takes 21 days to form a habit. I will continue beginner yoga for 20 days strengthening my self-discipline. Thank you! This is the most rewarding first beginners practice I could have asked for! Question: The sun chant we did was lovely, what does it mean in English? XOXO :)~

Sweetkate, posted on October 1, 2013

I love this class. It hurts to see plastic bottles on yoga teaching platforms though.

JenniferNZ, posted on August 24, 2013

Thank you Mark. Best yoga class I've had. You are a wonderful teacher. Namaste

Angelika88, posted on March 11, 2013

Beautiful class. Thank you.

Sylvia77, posted on March 10, 2013

Feel great As a beginner, Namaste :)

sophiacase, posted on February 23, 2013

this was powerful. thank you

mllepink, posted on February 9, 2013

I'm new to yoga, and this got my heart racing. Good practice!

NicoleUrdang, posted on January 28, 2013

Deep, slow, and restorative practice with wonderful teachings; especially, the last few minutes.

MorninStar, posted on January 24, 2013

Great class for beginner or advanced. Brings you back the essence of what yoga is really about. Thank you

yogitanjali, posted on January 23, 2013


IrinkaYoga, posted on January 22, 2013

beautiful, comes from deep knowledge! so glad there is always ways to develop for yoga teacher, very inspired!

tappin1, posted on January 22, 2013

Thank you for a beautiful class . Moving seamless
With the breath and bandhas, loved it!

Fermoreira, posted on January 22, 2013

Beautiful, blissful class! Breath your yoga and let it flow...Just a simple, wonderful practice!

hazel45, posted on January 22, 2013

Absolutely loving this simple but so effective thanks!

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